It’s one of those Saturdays again  stay-home, chill, lazy. And whenever I get the chance to spend weekends like this.. uh-oh! I don’t know if you know, but yeah I’m a frustrated singer (thanks to the bathroom for not turning its back on my “talent”). I’ve been singing on top of our sofa since I was three and until now I still believe that I was born for it. Haha!


Anyway, I’d like to share that I am so obsessed with Sam Smith (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) that I attempted (I actually already did) to do a cover of my favorite track from his album, In The Lonely Hour. I know this debut of my Soundcloud account here in the blog is a form of self-destruction but I’m still doing it  whatever.

Please accept my apologies for the following reasons:

1) My voice was louder than the studio instrumental – so you can judge it clearly, I cannot blame you;
2) There are empty spaces – I’ve still yet to learn how to edit this kind of stuff;
3) This is very raw and amateur – the instrumental was from YouTube and then I sang along (which was basically what – karaoke?!), plus there was the sound of a tricycle on the latter part – HASSLE!!;
4) Again, I’m not in any means professional, I’m just frustrated.

So yeah, listen at your own risk.

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