Last July, ETC organized a Project Runway competition amongst media agencies. People in our industry are competitive in nature so without second thoughts, we submitted our application form. It’s pretty much the same as the real thing, we were asked to come up with a design based on the given theme (it was London avant-garde) and materials that were provided. We were mentored by former Project Runway finalists themselves (it was Russel for our team) and was given less then a week to bring our concepts to life.

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Our initial sketches



Since this was an extra-curricular activity, squeezing this in our day-to-day tasks was one of the many challenges we had to win over. Of course, we had to make sure that we were not neglecting our deliverables so we ended up doing this in our night-shift! Haha! Our weeknights during those times felt like college! Cubao became our hide out after work, shared dinners over Burger Machine’s Buy 1 Take 1 burgers while cutting, braiding and sewing.

Materials courtesy of Rags 2 Riches and Folded & Hung



These crazy faces taken every night, of course, were part of the journey!





Finally, it was judgment day! In fairness to the pampering, so much celebrity feelzz. Haha!

Our make-ups were done by the professionals of PAC







At 8PM, we were ready to walk it off at Raven MNL’s really long runway!

Fellas, feast your eyes with our London avant-garde creations! We call these babies, the Battalia!

The models – (F) EVA / (M) Jaja




Meanwhile, at the designers’ lounge..

L-R: Yours truly, Ysa and Patty




We couldn’t do anything more because our dresses were already on stage! We were just crossing our fingers and holding onto our seats at this point, savoring the cheers of our dearest agency. Naks, parang alma mater lang!

In the middle of it all, Apples Aberin randomly called for EVA and hailed him (or her) the model of the night!! She even asked him to do the walk that he did all over again, but with her this time!




Instead of feeling excited, we felt the pressure even more because it’s soooo hassle not to win given the acknowledgement that EVA got! We were still holding on at this time, tighter!

Finally it was the moment we’ve all been waiting for! (Not the raffle, lol) Our peeps were screaming so loudly we just wanted to disappear if it was not going to be us! Competitive, eh? Cerah called the first two teams that got the highest scores but in no particular order. You could just imagine how everything was feeling so unreal at that very minute. I know, I know, it’s not a nationwide competition but we sacrificed four nights of comfortable sleep for this!

And then at last!!!




We were crowned as the first Project Runway Agency Edition winners that night!

Yay, so happy!! All the hardwork paid off!

With our CEO, who hopped to Raven from another event just to show her support, Ms. Joanna Mojica-Chan!


But the fun doesn’t stop there because last Friday (which happens to be EVA’s birthday), we shot our feature for Scout Magazine, which will be out in September! We talked about the inspirations of our creations, the preparations that we did and our feelings while at the competition and after! Zelebritee levelzz.



Happy Birthday, EVA!





And that sums up our Project Runway experience! It was such a great way to unwind most especially in the kind of work environment that we have. Thank you ETC for giving us this really great opportunity and exciting time!

*Some photos were grabbed from our friends. Credits to the owners.

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