The last few weeks had been so intense for me in terms of work. I am currently in a transition period and it’s a bit early to say how it’s working for me but I will share when everything is settled. So yeah, that explains my sudden hiatus (again).

I have a lot of pending articles (I know, such a bad practice) to draft and post and I swear I’ve been dying to find time to share everything. It’s just that I have to make a living so I can sustain my being #foodie (which comprises almost half of our content here) and be able to pay for my domain. Haha! Gaahd! I miss the blog, really.

Anyhow, work got suspended yesterday due to the monsoon and typhoon so I was able to rest. I had too much sleep (yay, so happy) but I’m so, so physically tired that it’s not enough! I was supposed to go to work today (yes, on a Saturday) too but it got cancelled again. Though I wasn’t surprised at all because I secretly wished that we don’t push through. I sound so stressed, noh?!

As you know, (free) Saturdays are my music day. I sit down and spend the whole time singing along YouTube tracks and getting my brother annoyed. Haha!

Today I recorded my version of Youth, my favorite song of all time. I’ve always been vocal about how I am amazed with this track, and that I’ve never felt this kind of connection to any song before. I am so drawn to Elena’s voice, she’s so good I can’t even! I have never attempted to do a cover of this song (until today) even after years of listening to it, because know I can never match the wonderful talent (not even half) she has and I have so much respect for the band I don’t want to lower its level.

I’ve been listening to the song infinitely since the beginning of time and up until today, it still never fails to give me chills, to make me go teary-eyed. It never stopped speaking and touching my inner soul. It sounds a bit creepy but I just know that it’s the song of my life, and my life is the song.

To Elena, Igor and Remi, I know I can never give justice to the beauty that is Youth, but this goes out to the three of you. You know how much I admire all of you (shoutout to Daughter Fans) and I’m hoping that someday, I’ll watch you perform live! :)

You guys never saw me fangirl-ed like this before!! So yeah, anything Daughter will make me happy!! Huhu, OMG.

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