Posts like this are starting to become equated to “got-no-time” dramas of mine, but at least there’s something new to visit here than nothing! Love you, guys. I’ll get the hang of this and I’ll be back big time, trust me.

Anyway, I watched Begin Again via uTorrent download recently (see, I got no time!) and I loved every bit of it! The setting and the feel mirrored everything I want in my life — chill, simple, laidback. Just all about coffee, books, music, sweaters and dresses, and I like how these were caught in the movie. I’ve always adored Keira Knightley’s beauty and she’s the perfect fit for Gretta’s character.

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Today is Sunday, and my room was again transformed into a {cheap} recording studio! I recorded an acoustic version of Lost Stars, Adam Levine’s version. Just like my previous covers, this is not by any means perfect but please do not throw tomatoes at me ✌

Shoutout to Chay Nilta for the awesome guitar instrumental!

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

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