I pushed myself to doze off at 2AM in spite the fact that it’s not going to be a working day the morning after. Call time was 9AM at the bus terminal, where we would take our ride to the south.

I took my bath and finished on time, then realized there was no message from him yet. I didn’t move until I finally decided that I would do a detour, would just spend the first half of the day at UCC Clockwork. A cozy and quiet setting was something that I needed to calm my raging nerves. My mind was thinking about all these irresponsibility stuff, but by the time the shuttle I was in started taking the road, Plan B was put into disregard.

I asked to be dropped off at the terminal, and though I was set to wait for God-knows-how-long, not having to cross the highway via the overpass was a consolation. The empty plastic lounge chair on the side was a plus, as if everything’s being accommodating for my mood. My “So Much Feelz” playlist and my Outlook kept me company until an hour before noon, and all I could tell him was that I didn’t have breakfast. We bought two sandwiches, a cup of street food and a liter of preserved flavored iced tea. We got in the bus and spent two hours on the road.

It has always been one of our usual debates: where to dine. Given that we were at the middle of a national road, Olivarez corner Aguinaldo Highway to be exact, that kind of discussion was not suitable.

We then found ourselves at the Summit Ridge Promenade, wherein we spent a few minutes smelling the first batch of south air that was our primary purpose. It’s been almost a year since the last time we visited the city together, and it was cool that we rode solo this time. We also received some good news while at the promenade, which kind of expanded our choices for the day.

Seafood Jambalaya was on top of my mind, and I thought Rue Bourbon’s would be nice, plus a few bottles of light beer. Unfortunately the restaurant was closed, so we had to make another choice.

Finally, it was The Boutique that won over, and because there is  Pamana in Perea, we opted for Hawaiian Bbq. We were happy our feet led us to this really fine bed and breakfast venue!

It was only us who were at the restaurant, probably because it was already past 2 in the afternoon. Ian wanted to go for the famous bulalo, so we got a  small bowl (which turned out to be really big) for ourselves. I was assigned for the additional dish, because that’s how we do — you + me. And then rice, plus their house tea, and a watermelon smoothie.

Bulalo Soup
Bulalo Soup

The soup was rich in flavor, and I found it good for my taste, since I’m not much of a nilagang baka fan. I always found it short, which is why I like sinigang even if it has more fat and grease that should be avoided in the first place. It’s the sossy type of bulalo, if I may have a brief description for it.

Classic Pork Barbeque
Classic Pork Barbeque

I loved the barbeque! I would prefer chicken any day, but I’m glad that I chose pork! The flavor of the sauce was evident in every bite. The juice from the orange on the side complemented well with the sauce which made the meat more appetizing.

The garlic rice, house tea and the watermelon smoothie were really good as well. The rice wasn’t just fried (unlike those in the other restaurants), the house tea has a balanced sweetness (not too much sugar, not too much water) and I can tell that the watermelon smoothie was made from fresh fruit. I didn’t take photos of it because (aside from I couldn’t find a good angle) I didn’t think that I would have to, but now I regret it.

It could’ve been an even more pleasant experience had the rain didn’t start pouring, we could’ve stayed at this side of the restaurant, which overlooks the view of the unfailing Taal Lake:

More photos around The Boutique:

I have a thing for oversized chairs!
I have a thing for oversized chairs!

We then had our long overdue massage at the Manna Tree Spa, which had accommodating masseuses. I was satisfied with the service, but given the pain I’ve been enduring for more than a couple of years now (my fault, I know), it’s just not enough. It was also a brilliant idea for rain was still pouring really hard, so we got to finish off an hour relaxed.

Sure, when in Tagaytay, this never fails to happen:

When in Tagaytay
When in Tagaytay

Though our weeknights are always dedicated to dining out together (unless there’s a bike ride for the guy, and a trade party in my case), still it’s different when we get to spend times like this. I just hope that in our next photo that will be posted here, the No Shave November policy is over! (Oh yes, it is!)

We’re just counting our second month, eh? (That was an inside joke.)
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