Someone’s on a roll! Welcome to the second edition of The Sunday Currently, and my third post for the day. Whoa. I’m hoping I could keep this up until I can!

I assigned the featured photo prior to the construction of this entry and I realized the horses don’t have anything to do with any of the “currentlies”. I just came from Tagaytay a few days ago and I kind of just want to use the photo (the horses are so sos!)  because it didn’t make the cut for the previous entry.

Still Gone Girl, and the Backstage Beauty Cards @ Burberry on Gary Pepper.

Finished The Boutique earlier, and then trying to start the 3/4 of my recent “Journal” entries.

Aurora’s Awakening

If I should grab a snack, or if there’s something in the pantry that I like to eat.

I can already smell the December breeze!

That the week that’s about to come will go by fast, so I can think of my Christmas shopping already!

I know it’s going to be one tough week again, but I do hope it’s going to be manageable.

The staple white shirt that says “Young and Free”, it was given to me by my mom when she went to Sydney for vacation, and a black pair of shorts.

The act of doing a series of posts lately. Crossing my fingers that I will be able to sustain this drive!

A week off so I can visit all the artisan stores on my list! (WEEK!!!)

Additional sources of income (or a raise, a bonus) for my travels, dine outs, paper loving and logo!

I can feel the holidays and I’m on vacation mode already, but.. not yet.

Bandcamp, Mic Llave‘s account.

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

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