So. We’ve come to this point again, where I take a look back at those memorable moments that happened in the year that’s about to close! I can’t believe 2014 is about to go! That fast, seriously?!

Well 2014 has been amazing, not perfect, but pretty amazing. It was a mix of challenges and opportunities and I would like to acknowledge these experiences as they are what made my year a roller coaster ride!

Intro to Quarter-Life Crisis (sort of)
I’ve had issues during the first quarter of 2014. I dreaded almost anything, I lacked drive and motivation, I was bored. There had also been a time when I almost rendered (you get it), but I’m happy I held on. The latter part of the year would not have turned out how it did had I lost it at that time. This one sounded serious, eh?!

I thought about what else to put in this post while I was in the shower and I realized that this year was about getting clingy with my family, both sides.

In January and March, even if Papa was on board the ship, we were able to spend time with him and toured around Costa Victoria, the ship in which he was in contract during the time.

In April, my cousins who have been living in Japan (they were also the ones I visited last year) came for vacation and we were able to bond! It was when we also had the chance to reconnect with Kuya Taba!

That zit, Aya & Kenji

In September, the De Villa clan (mother’s side) had a reunion during the De Villa-Giorgioni wedding in Tagaytay.

Fantastic four as bridesmaids
Fantastic four as bridesmaids

Surfing in Baler
If in 2013 I climbed a mountain, in 2014 I rode the waves! Never thought I would be able to do it but I did! The best part was that both Ian and I were first timers, and we did it together!


Money, Popularity & Intelligence
Remember the popular image that circulated back at the start of 2014?

The words that I saw were money, popularity and intelligence. I never really aimed to get these for real, but I felt like somehow I did, all three.

In July, my office mates and I joined the Project Runway Agency Edition and we surprisingly bagged the title! It was my first time to represent our agency in a big competition and I was very happy about the outcome!

If in 2013 my first magazine write-up was published, in 2014 I was the one written about in two publications and it was a really memorable experience!

Scout Mag September 2014 / Southern Living November 2014
Scout Mag September 2014 / Southern Living November 2014

In June, I was given a task outside my day to day assignments and that was the start of a move in my career. I assumed a more advanced role in September.

In December, I received a very unexpected news and it’s really one of the major blessings that I got this year. Outside its material value, I know that there’s a message being sent and in 2015, I will be braver, and I will aim to make it happen!

This one is no longer new but each year that goes by makes me realize how blessed I am to be in a relationship that’s truly for keeps. I never knew I could feel this much for someone and I am so glad that I am able to. It was never smooth-sailing and it will never be, but knowing that what we should watch out for are outside forces gives me relief. Our best friend and brother-ish relationship is what makes us work and I hope that we will still make it, just like in the previous years.

Six years
Six years

Thank you to everyone who has been part of my 2014 adventure! Thank You Lord for all the continuous blessings! I don’t know what I did to deserve all of these, and in the upcoming year, I will try to make up for all those times I could have showed how grateful I am for this life. I will try to ignore all the negativity and maintain a positive outlook. I look forward to new learning experiences, better opportunities and I am hoping that in 2015, I will be able to truly go all out, no holds barred!

Cheers to new beginnings!

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