It is indeed the season to be fatty! But you all know that as for my case, it doesn’t have to be December for me to pig out. Lol anyway, I am currently on break (thank God for agency shutdowns!) and I’ve been going out since the last day of work. In the past week I couldn’t recall which day I didn’t get out of the house (if there’s that particular day to begin with) and I figured I haven’t done any Christmas related post so I thought of sharing a rundown of my whereabouts lately:

December 17
Planworks (that’s how our division in the office is called) had its very first Christmas dinner at Brotzeit Bier Beer and Restaurant. Straight from meetings, we capped off the night with small amount of beer and good laughs from our gift giving.

Mommy Eds, Dana & Jamie
Some crispy pata-ish and Schwarzer beer

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December 21
I was supposed to head to Laguna for the first birthday celebration of my office mate’s son but I had a scheduled lunch at Tsukiji Japanese restaurant in Century Park Hotel. My high school friend Kent works there and he invited us, Ian and I, to dine. It was nice to personally catch up and be updated with each other’s lives, and it’s even nicer to look at ourselves, all grown up and still laughing at our silly old jokes. Immature but fun memories! “Those were, the days.”

Beef shoyu ramen (and because we didn’t get to take photos)

Ian had fever that same day so we went straight to Makati and just had lattès at CBTL while we waited for his family.

Look at those fat cheeks of the sick!

December 23
Finally, the last day of work for the year!! We were allowed to spend half of the day out and there were only few people in the office so we decided to have lunch at Murphy’s, for a change. We were from different groups but it didn’t matter, for we Eat As One!

Of course, it was the BF/GF’s annual Christmas dinner date in the evening. We had our dinner at John & Yoko, because we’re suckers for Japanese cuisine. You see, we also had Japanese food on the 21st, and a few days before that, and many many days before that.

Food was great but service needs improvement. We had to follow up the chicken teriyaki for about five times because they didn’t seem to have absorbed our inquiries until a different server attended to us. Well it was Christmas so we were extra patient and kept our cool. Honestly, the reason why I kind of felt agitated was that I couldn’t take a photo of our whole table. Ha, ha. We could no longer wait so I just did a collage which still lacked the California maki.

Anyway, we were happy because our feet were! This year’s gifts were for our footsies and we loved them!

December 24
Of course the Christmas was spent with the family. It was just the four of us since Papa is on board the ship and he won’t be home until next year. It was pretty quiet, but no worries because it was really the birth of Jesus that we were celebrating.

The gifts that I wrapped just have to be present here on the blog!
The gifts that I wrapped just have to be present here on the blog!
Merry Christmas!

December 25
The annual De Villa clan Christmas tradition. For several years now, we spend Christmas day with our uncles, aunties and cousins. We used to be a very big group, but some of our relatives have migrated to other countries. Now all of us left gather at the first born’s household and celebrate Christmas there.

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December 26
It’s been a while since my cousin Jul and I had our last real date. Our schedules wouldn’t match the past months, probably because of different priorities. But we’re back and to celebrate, we had our post-Christmas date at the gym!

I went to Southmall after for it’s also our family’s tradition to watch MMFF films every year, and we chose Feng Shui. We had dinner first before watching!

December 27
My block mates and I were supposed to have dinner, so Ian and I agreed to meet earlier in time for it and his bike ride (which I didn’t know of until the 26th, but whatever I’m cool). As usual, the dinner didn’t push through so there were change of plans. The boyfriend called off his bike ride to force date the lonely girlfriend!

For a change, we spent the night in Manila and had street foods such as kikiam and quail eggs. Man, I didn’t know quail eggs dipped in vinegar with onions, garlic and cucumber were such a good combo!! Best ever! We also had shawarma, and then coffee at a vintage cafè which was the only stop where I got to take photos of.

Za’s Cafè
Forced date, forced kiss

December 29
Finally got reunited with my high school friends Katharina and Honey! Well this wasn’t our first meet-up after eight years (but that also happened this year) but, but, but.. it’s our very first holiday date since our Christmas party in third year high school, so it’s worth the mention. We had lunch and dessert at Aguirre to embrace our southern bloods!

Ramen Kuroda / Larcy’s Cupcakery Cafè

Photo credits: Edsel Casugod, Chris Uy, Helen Cabanes, Hannahdee Oseña

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