I got out of the house in my most laid back outfit. Well I was never high fashion but I meant more than my usual laid back outfit: graphic tee, a pair of shorts, Keds, and a black knapsack. I obviously tried to dress appropriately for one of my major agenda for the day. With my earphones tucked in while in the bus until I started taking the long walk from Bank Drive to South Drive, I felt like a backpacker.

Ortigas is not yet in my expertise but upon being able to get home, I think it now is! Thank God for Google Maps which functions even on foot! I was going to take a cab but traffic was heavy and the driver told me that Home Depot isn’t far and is walk-able. So I did, and thought I could just use the cash to get more stuff! I enjoyed the walk, the music, and the streets. It’s been a while since I last commuted, I mean that hardcore. My body no longer feels that kind of being active in a while, in years actually, because shuttles are so comfortable. Seeing the Julia Vargas flyover made me proud of myself, yes I did it again, and apparently I still can! I thought I’ve gone rusty over the years. The feeling of finding something you don’t know where to find is just so, awesome. I missed it, and figuring out that I can still survive a life with just a backpack, music and strangers is very liberating. Makes me more excited of the year ahead and pack my bags for real.

Speaking of packing, Suitcase Souvenirs is where I will actually go in this post!

It’s a bazaar organized by our artsy fartsy travelers, wherein they sold some of their stuff and had little nice chats with everyone! It was worth the walk for me, as there were a lot of paper which you all know, is my cup of tea.

Kaye's booth
Kaye’s booth
Kimi's booth
Kimi’s booth
Abbey's booth
Abbey’s booth

And this one right here was actually what I came for:

The Traveling Type by & Mikka & Abbey
The Traveling Type by Mikka & Abbey

The event was held at Edition Lifestyle, which I found really nice so I took some more (blurry) photos! I would love to come back again one of these days, you know, just going to make the most out of it a.k.a. take better photos.

They sell notebooks from Sunday Paper Co!
They sell notebooks from Sunday Paper Co!

What’s even better is that, Habitual Coffee is right inside too!

Because it was my first time, I had to ask recommendations from the barista and she was very kind to give me ideas on which to get. I chose the one with the coolest name under the Drip Cold Brew line.

Old Habits Die Hard
Old Habits Die Hard

I’m caught in the middle right now: am I going to continue to the items I got from the bazaar in this post or should I construct a new entry?

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