It’s the third edition of The Sunday Currently, and so far so good! I’m surprised I’m able to keep up with this commitment for the third consecutive week now. Yay!

Everyone here in the Philippines is crossing their fingers at the moment (even since two days ago, actually), hoping that the super typhoon lurking around the PAR won’t do damage as big as the one that hit us one year ago. It’s so disheartening to think that the ones affected before are still the same ones that are being affected now. I mean, imagining that they haven’t gotten back up yet and here the nature goes again is just, too much.

I’m stuck with Gone Girl, honestly. But I’m proud to say I moved a chapter further.

I finished a new entry which was already published. Literally speaking, I started going back to the basics this afternoon, and consumed three blank pages. The first one ended up looking like a freedom board (which is just actually my better way of saying “scratch”), the second one was chill – it was my site name in script, and the third was Kristanne Paolo’s.

Stars’ From The Night

Which burger I’m gonna consume first. Me and my sibs just came back from a piggy trip inside Soldiers’ and it was so overwhelming. Minute Burger never fails with its buy one take one promo! We also munched on some chicken on sticks, which was actually good! If only I didn’t get two burgers I would’ve gotten one more stick. Also, it’s nice to know that there’s already a milk tea place in the subdivision, which is not bad, I could probably use it for some alone time one of these days.

I’m actually sniffing right now but there’s a little bit of combined burger patty and nail polish smell on my thumb. Yuckers!

That by some miracle my bank account will blow up! Haha! The online orders that I’m supposed to checkout are pending because I’m waiting.. I hope not in vain. Not again!

Setting aside the typhoon, I’m hoping that there’s no work tomorrow! Seriously, I’m not in the mood. Really not. Not. Not. Not.

My eight year old navy blue jacket, a black SMASH shirt underneath, a pair of white gym shorts and my Ronald McDonald striped socks! It’s actually the one in the photo above, for your reference. Adorbs!

I totally need a towel right now, to wipe my colds.

I got a feeling that there’s no work tomorrow! I’m claiming it!

My Gmail account, and Google.


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