Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. From page 187 to 222, now that’s a development! (NOT.) I know, I know, I gotta get my ass up!

This and the Suitcase Souvenirs post/s. It’s published but I am confused whether I will continue with my purchases or I’ll do a separate entry for them instead. The photo set is different, but the content belongs to one umbrella. Now what? Help!

A duet by Susie Suh and Robert Kooh, Here With Me.

Is my boyfriend home by now? He’s out with his family and just finished year-end stuff at his office. I have problems with signal at this part of my bed (I can’t send messages!) and I rely solely on the wi-fi whenever I’m home. I hope my Line app prompts a message from him soon.

I’m trying to smell my manicured nails but none. The addicting smell of the polish has gone.

A Christmas-ish Christmas. I know what I mean.

That traveling to work tomorrow will be smooth. I’m so tired of being pissed at the traffic!

A gray Pacquiao shirt, the official shirt for his fight with Rios back in 2013. And a dark blue pair of shorts with not so visible vertical stripes.

That it’s almost the real holidays (one more week!) and I’m kind of not feeling anything about work. Ha, ha.

To have a series of Christmas lunches and dinners with my girlfriends, cousins, sister and my big, big barkada!

Budget for the gifts I’m eyeing for the boyfriend, friends and family!! ANO NA.


My previous Sunday Currently posts, because apparently I forgot one line last week!

I just have to share: featured photo is a pattern of a table mantle in the milk tea shop inside our village. I stayed there earlier today, while waiting for my brother as he had his hair cut, and I finally got to see the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014. Ariana Grande FTW! Anyway, brother and I had an agreement that whenever he will have to go to the barber shop, I’ll just stay at the milk tea place so he won’t look like he still has a babysitter, and it will no longer be awkward for me, too. Because it’s a place for guys, you know. Our mom still doesn’t seem to absorb that.

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

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