Breaking news: I finally finished Gone Girl this morning! It’s such a really good story, not your usual young adult fiction, something that would really blow your mind. I’m looking at my paperback copy of Eleanor & Park as of the moment, and weighing whether I’d go for it or continue with Before Ever After or start with Everything is Illuminated. But it is, most likely, because it’s already beside me.

Aside from this, nothing. I’ve yet to start with my On Spotlight article (yes, I finally got someone new to introduce after a long time), and I probably will this week.

I Wish You Would, and the rest of 1989.

I’m still thinking about those tote bags from Herschel and Stradivarius, I’m confused with what to get for my everyday use in the upcoming year. Of course if it’s the tag I’m going to consider, the one from Stradivarius wins, but durability wise, Herschel. K.

Also, the cream colored pair of Chuck Taylors that I can’t wait to get my hands on!

Aaaand, what to get for the boyfriend this Christmas!

Intentionally and unintentionally, nothing.

World peace and equality, seriously!

A little about something to arrive on the 23rd, but not really hoping-hoping. I’ve asked too much!

An old gray spaghetti strapped blouse, and a pair of black cycling shorts. At least I’m not wearing a Pacquiao shirt this time, lol!

That I already bought presents for everyone in the family (except for my Papa, who’s not going to be home for Christmas </3) and they’re happy!

To have time to actually wrap the gifts that I got!

A leather tote bag for all the stuff that I plan to constantly carry in 2015! Seriously, this is a need.

A little hungry! I know, I got monsters here. Ian and I had lunch at my high school friend Kent’s workplace earlier, and got free stuff! Ho, ho! We also had coffee during the afternoon, so I don’t understand why. Crazy tummy.

My Gmail account.

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