I was supposed to be writing this at Starbucks a while ago but I’m now on my bed and aiming to finish in a few minutes. I could set doing this entry tomorrow, or any other day, when there’s more free time but I feel like it’s some sort of a responsibility these days, which I like, and good for the blog.

Today was fine. I called off work (I mean work as in working in my station, if you get that), spent the day by myself and I’m glad that I did. I have my days, you know, this kind — just wanting to walk around on my own, eat alone, never wanting to talk to anybody.

The malls opened at 11AM, because apparently there was an order from the MMDA that the mall hours shall be moved to reduce traffic. I stood by the escalator for more than half an hour to kill time. I tried to plan the day: visit the artsy stores that I know and have lunch or coffee while waiting for Ian.

I checked out the planners on sale at Powerbooks first, then thought I’d buy new pens for my typography but found none, even in National Bookstore in Greenbelt. That was when my plan was broken. So I went to Typo, went back to Bleach, but I didn’t get anything too. I was supposed to add more items to my unimportant purchases but unfortunately and luckily, there was nothing new on their racks yet.

Haha, I was able to sneak a photo in Typo!
Haha, I was able to sneak a photo in Typo!

Then I got hungry, Local Edition and Yardstick were my original options as to where to have lunch but I crossed the food court so I had chicken teriyaki in there instead. That Magic Wok was good! I was thinking if I should have coffee after because I have a mission to finish: I’m collecting stickers for the Starbucks 2015 planner which is going to be for my good friend who’s residing in the US, because his girlfriend wants one so bad. Why here and me, because apparently there’s no holiday shiz like ours in the west! Weird.

The thing is, there was no area in Starbucks where I could stay. So I had to go out and think again, and then suddenly I had a light bulb moment and decided to get my hair cut! I was just really going to have a simple cut but this girl sales talked me and I agreed to have it treated. I also had my nails done, even if I was in boots.

I managed to take a few photos and they’re ugly, but just for the purpose of not having an all text entry, I’m still uploading.

Wrapped head, a knapsack, and Liza Soberano on Preview
An “after” photo, featuring the walis and ate smiling

I did another round of stroll after, because I thought I’d just wait for Ian so we could hang out together over coffee, plus there were just two lattes left before I could claim the planner. So I went inside Shana, which name doesn’t appeal much to me (same with Inglot) but the neon pullover on display was pretty nice. I tried it on, but I didn’t get it because I figured it’s unnecessary. Hoho.

Was my decision of not getting it wrong?
Was my decision of not getting it wrong?

Anyway so I finally waited for Ian at Starbucks since my feet were almost bleeding. I worked a bit but pinned images over half the time. Gahd, it’s so addicting!

Will you follow me on Pinterest? @yshigdanes
Will you follow me on Pinterest? @yshigdanes

The love of my life arrived shortly after, and we took a few couple selfies because I have a new haircut!

Is it just me or we really look young here?
Is it just me or we really look young here? And yes, that’s a big zit on my forehead.

And finally the sticker card was full! Yay! I immediately sent my friend an image of the fully stamped card, since it was his request the moment I completed it, and the moment I get fatter.

18 drinks, 2,664 calories
18 drinks, 2,664 calories

I hate that I said Starbucks a lot in this post.

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