I’m positive I can fulfill one of my major lifestyle plans for this year, and that is to travel more. I’ve set my mind to have at least one destination every month, and with that, I look forward to have visited twelve towns/cities/provinces/countries by the end of the year.

The surfing capital of the North is first on the list, and last week, I finally got the chance to set foot on the fine sands of the famous Urbiztondo Beach. It was an almost five hour drive from Metro Manila, which was fine (well I wasn’t the one driving, ha, ha, ha) because we hit the road at 4 in the morning. I went with my office mates-slash-friends (because there are ones whom I call office mates only, lelz) and it was a good venue to talk about just anything outside our cubicles. I was third wheel to the couple Jez and Andre (Ian says at least I experienced being the third wheel for a change!) since our other friends couldn’t make it that early.

We arrived at around 8:30 AM, which was too early for check-in so we jumped in the sea and had our first round of waves right away!

We had our first meal at Seanymph, which we enjoyed! We loved the T-bone steak which costed only 200 bucks per plate!

These two were celebrating their month-sary that day!

Andre + Jez
Andre + Jez

After lunch, it was finally time to check-in. I had the chance to take a nap for a few minutes and I woke up with Ate Mina and Chai already at our room’s doorstep. Yay! It was time for the second round of surfing!

My ultimate priority was of course, to catch the beautiful sunset!


I love how long a minute is at the beach. I’ve watched the waves and sat long enough at the shore only to find out it consumed only thirty minutes of my time. I wish that afternoon didn’t have to end!

We had dinner at Gefseis Greek Restaurant which unfortunately I don’t have photos of. I loved the grilled pork and the souvlaki platter (both weren’t my orders, harhar)! The grilled squid that I got for myself was pretty okay.

I insisted that we drop by El Union Coffee, I really said I couldn’t leave San Juan without having a cup of their coffee, so we concluded the night at the coffee shop! These dudes are always so game to attend to my concerns a.k.a. #YshyProblems! (I’m a spoiled baby, eh?!)

You see, they didn’t touch the smores until I was able to take this shot!

By 7AM the next day, we were already up! It’s really amazing how I could do that when I’m out of town even if I slept late the night before. It was our final beach moment, so we had to make the most out of it.

But first, taho!!
But first, taho!!

I opted to explore more of the shoreline and take more photos instead, and Ate Mina was too sweet to come with me. The clingy-ness between us started to build up the night before as we had one of our best non-client related conversations. Ha, ha!

It was a good decision for these rock formations were such beautiful surprises!

It was still too early to have lunch, so us girls played with the waves more!

Is it obvious that I forced them to posed like this?

Finally, we had our last stop at Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel which was tricky to find at first! But then it was worth it because it has the right to brag itself, man the place is Pinterest-worthy!!

Coolest reception ever!
Coolest reception ever!

Chai + Ate Mina

I love, love this part of the hostel! Cue in Sara Bareilles’ I Choose You!

We had lunch here, and I swear the food is insanely delicious!!  I’m betting my life on it!

Sally's Burger Steak
Sally’s Burger Steak
Best baby squids I've ever tasted my whole life!
Best baby squids I’ve ever tasted my whole life!

It was a quick escape but it’s definitely something that helped us breathe for a while. I’m so glad this trip happened for it has jump started my year! I’m crossing my fingers that every time I will remember I was able to fulfill this first plan, I will have the drive to really push through with the rest of my plans this year, whatever it takes.

The sun might have hurt my skin, the sand might have burned my feet, the waves might have hit me hard, but they will always be the ones that make every beach trip special. Wish my Iannymous was with me!

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