I go to work in the morning always feeling tired. This, I know is my fault because I can’t control my mind from wandering every night, so I end up dozing off really late and forcing myself to get up and be ready for work the next day. In the evening, I come from work still tired because, well I don’t have to explain. So whenever I’m inside the shuttle, you’d always find me with my earphones tucked in my ears, making the most out of the travel time by sleeping.

But last night, I was up and still. I watched the taillights of the vehicles lined up in the national road. I watched the traffic enforcers waved their hands as they cue signals to the motorists. Surprised that I wasn’t yawning, I let my mind travel as the shuttle I was in moved. And then tears suddenly start flowing, again.

I never realized how much it all means to me.

*Starting to cry again while eating nachos

I always thought that it all ends up at the four corners of her room, then it dawned on me.

I can’t believe these were already part of the past and that I’m just in a flashback:

  • They all bought me Hello Kitty stuff as pasalubong when they went to Taipei because they knew I’d like it! I got a clock, a pencil case, a comb and mirror set, and an iPod touch case! The items were yelling hot pink!
  • They dressed up my space with pink balloons, created a poster with a blog site and their selves as Hello Kitties in different personas, even had Ian joined the surprise on my 22nd birthday!
  • They let me wander in Tokyo by myself and laughed at me when I was going cray-cray at the six-storey buildings of Forever 21, Zara, Bershka and H&M. They knew I couldn’t decide where to go first!
  • They always brought me to concerts and other events because they dubbed me as the girl with itchy feet!
  • They always assigned me to do things they know I want to do: dress them up and style their hair during Christmas parties, set up birthday parties, buy milk tea, go to the mall and more not serious stuff.
  • They always let me go home first whenever the clock strikes 12 and we’re still not yet done with our tasks.
  • They always tell me that I can do things, whenever I start to feel scared.

They were my big sisters. They were my family.

*Cries even more

I never thought I will get this emotional.
I never felt this sad in a very long while.
My heart is broken.

But then it’s true that,

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

I can’t wait for the day when we will have another dinner and we will laugh not about the present but about the past!

I love you, guys!

Pero mga leche pa din kayo. HAHAHA!

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

2 replies on “Closing Time

  1. “Pero mga leche parin kayo. HAHAHA!” -Favorite part! Hahaha.

    Nakakadown tong post na to :( It’s always hard when things have to change. HUG! I’m here if you need to talk.

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