It was when I had to pull all-nighters for three consecutive days (including my little brother’s birthday), because I was in the middle of reaching the TARP levels and balancing the daypart splits of my 7 week TV Plan back in November. Okay that was foreign, sorry about that. I kept myself up through music, and since I was obsessed with Tove Lo at that time, I tried to listen to covers of her single Habits (Stay High). I was playing the same track over and over for a couple of days and thought I needed to hear variations for a change.

Meet Sarah Close, a nineteen year old singer/songwriter who is currently residing in London. Her cover was one of those recommended videos related to my search, and how could I not click the thumbnail? Her sweet face got me curious.

So I listened to her for the first time and I instantly became a fan! I watched her videos in one sitting, but that wasn’t the end of it. I wanted to know more about her.

Even if she’s younger than me, she has become one of my life pegs and I’d like to say that over and over. Although this gets me thinking, what I’ve been doing with my life? But whatever.

Sarah is taking up songwriting at the university, and is coming home to Isle of Wight from time to time. She is very proud to be coming from this county, and I can see why! It’s such a nice place!

Sarah and her friends

She wanted to be a singer, and she wanted to know if she was any good. Uploading videos on YouTube was the only way she knew how to get to the music industry, she shares.

It was even more amazing to find out that she is the one who takes and edits her videos. I like how it’s being done – the setting, mood, tone, color and quality – and I’ve always wondered who’s got the mad skills. I felt worse about myself, lol.

What I also like about her is that, she is a very cheerful person. She likes to have fun, and I can tell by her smile that she is a sweet, innocent girl who has genuine and clean intentions. She recognizes the people that are sticking with her through her musical journey, and that is what keeps her grounded.

She also has the gift of taking beautiful photos. She’s not really trying hard, it just comes out naturally. I like her random shots of parks, food and the beach. They’re so refreshing to look at and they make me want to put London in the second spot of my travel bucket list next to New York!

Also, I love how cute the Sarah and Callum love team is! <3

Sarah is set to release her originals this year and I’m more than excited! She describes her music as electronic, and is influenced by everyone who tries different kind of stuff. She says she’ll be definitely going on tour, and when asked if it’s okay to have a meet and greet with her if ever she comes to the Philippines, this was her answer: “for sure!! I definitely hope to come to the Philippines someday!” Yay, I get a free pass!! *wink

Me and music = OTP. Singing and writing songs is all I’ve ever wanted to do.


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