I took out my two big black boxes today, because my mind is fond of the idea of clearing lately. Only my mind is the one that ultimately needs clearing. K. Anyway, I was saying that I took the black boxes out and realized that I still have paper items from way back and last Christmas that were left unglorified (that’s not a word, is it?). Most of them, well all of them actually, were gifts! Today I decided that it’s their turn to be noticed!

Chorva pads

These notepads were given to me by our client who’s the Senior VP of the brand I’m handling. I’ve been seeing these pads (which are apparently called “Chorva” pads) in Powerbooks even before, so I was kind of thrilled when I got them as Christmas presents. Plus it’s really something when your client remembered you, it made me feel like I’ve done something good, in a way. Even though I wouldn’t slash out the fact that her secretary sure did all the wrapping for her, but hey at least I’m on the list!

Floral stationary set

This stationary set is also a present from the last holiday. It was given by my “mommy” from our Kris Kringle, which happened to be my Twinny Ysa. It fell under the theme “something that describes your baby” and what can I say, she knows me too well! And how can she not, we’re work BFFs after all! My apologies for being able to take a photo of the stationary just now, you know days are quite tough as of late. I know I should’ve taken photos of the other gifts as well: the shades ring for the “something Instagram-worthy” and the cactus pen for the “something that can change the world” themesUnfortunately, I left them at my office desk so I will just have to find time to take photos of them.

Personalized stamps
Personalized stamps

Paper mache letter blocks

These personalized stamps and paper mache letters were given to me as tokens by the sweet Apple Bernardino-Enriquez of Sweet Apple who collaborated with Jho Tengson of Artees Collection a couple of months back. I also apologize that it took me a really long while to mention about these artsy fartsy pieces, because they’re too cute for my life I couldn’t just snap photos of them and then post. I wanted to exert an effort, and I hope I succeeded! These pieces gave me a lot of giggles because the stamps, for example, made me feel legit. You know what I’m saying? And the letter blocks are so adorable! I really really love them and I can’t wait to style them! I will definitely do another shoot when the styling happens, and it won’t be long! Also, I admit that lighting here is quite off, I should’ve waited for the sun to calm down completely.

Anyway, if you happen to have a party or an event coming up, you may want to ask Sweet Apple to help you out as they have a team who’s really good at what they do! They have hands with skills that are able to do wonders and can definitely make any event sweeter and even more special. For your paper needs, on the other hand, you may want to try Artees Collection for they have a wide array of paper products that can surely cater to what you’re looking for! Contact details are listed below:

Sweet Apple

Artees Collection

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