The Iced Coffee a la Yshy (see photo above) has been receiving good feedback from the household! It’s also being constantly requested on weekends (now’s the third week), and I’ve been told by the Iannymous that he’s quite intrigued. Never mind the intense stirring that I have to do with every mason jar, I’m just happy that finally, I have a place in the kitchen! Who would have thought?!

I started Where’d You Go, Bernadette last night, which you might think is weird because I haven’t declared that I’m done with the other book. It’s such a shame to admit that my mind has finally stopped responding to Jonathan Safran Foer. I tried so hard, but it has to come to this: I decided to put off Everything is Illuminated for the meantime. I went back to the first few pages and reread them, but I still couldn’t go farther. It’s such a beautiful novel and I didn’t want to push my mind too hard, especially now that there’s so much to deal with. Now I’m about to talk about my burdens so I’ll stop and move to the next bullet.

This volume, and I’m thinking of rewriting my _ letter. Man, thinking about it makes me smile!

Scavenger Hunt’s Dreamers

Which date, the final, final date. This is going to be critical for my pocket! You see, had I not been granted “that”, I will be stuck for a few more months. And even with the presence of the word few in the previous sentence, I won’t feel better. I won’t be relieved. I won’t be able to take it lightly. So again, thank you for planning things well and setting it all up for me, us. Thank You for giving me her.

Nothing. There’s just air.

I wish I’m at the beach right now, or at the top of a mountain. Wherever, as long as it’s far from the city.

For more e-mails! This will be hard to believe but I’m leaning towards the ones which are not related to the blog, for now. Just this time.

A red shirt saying “Time to Feast!” I’m crossing my fingers that the feast will be soon. And then a pair of navy blue short shorts, which I got from Divisoria back in 2008 (yes, I remember) when my block mates and I went there together for the first time. It was almost Christmas, and we had a hard time parking. Those were the silly days!

The feeling of being sure and unsure at the same time. Kid Astray says “you need to step out of your comfort zone, because there’s no easy way out” and I totally agree. I just gotta take my chances!

To pull the days because I can’t wait to step on the white sands of Boracay for the first time! I haven’t shared but I cancelled my Bohol trip this February because, well, priorities. I feel so mature!

I said it, I need to stop spending and start saving a.k.a. giving up my trips to third wave coffee shops, restaurant dinners, yogurt cravings and milk teas. Gosh, those were all food related?! I haven’t mentioned my indulgences on notebooks, papers, and books! No. Books are untouchable.

I feel like I’m at the edge of a cliff. But it’s the good kind. I feel light and carefree in some way, the I-don’t-give-a-fuck carefree kind of feeling. I’m excited!


*The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Siddathornton.

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