I’m writing this while on the road back to Manila, somewhere in San Fernando. I just woke up from my headbanging sleep (according to Chai) and I’m worried I won’t be able to do a Volume 8 when I get home, so I decided to do it now in case.

At the moment none, but I’m on Everything is Illuminated.

Technically none but my January 11th entry and the Things That Made Me Smile list on The Daykeeper are due today

Some rap song probably from the early 2000s, because I’m not in the position to select the song in this road trip.

Left my mind in La Union!

The wind. It’s so breezy right now!

That I can go to work early with less hassle

That there will be a shuttle right away, and Makati exit in Skyway won’t be rude tomorrow!

I was wearing a striped loose top and denim shorts when I started this post, now I’m back with my old faded pair of pambahay

My new gold phone case which I got for only 130 bucks, and my official logo! Hi, guys!

A skillet of smores!

I totally need to keep it together.

Sleepy, and pressured. I’m currently looking for hotel accommodations for my upcoming Boracay trip (any suggestions?) and round trip flights for the Bohol trip that’s also set a few weeks from now. I hope I’ll find cheap ones!

Etsy and Agoda.

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

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