I suggested that we have dinner at Hole in the Wall in Century City mall for a change, keeping in mind that we would both be able to get out of our respective offices earlier than usual. Unfortunately, traffic was bad yesterday, because aside from the fact that it was payday for a lot of people, apparently the so-called Valentines’ Day was moved from 14th to 13th. I didn’t get the memo.

It took Ian almost two hours to get to Makati from Fort, so the food trip didn’t happen. I went out of Enterprise at 9PM, and I was lucky that I was still able to enter Landmark even if it was already late. A lot of ladies were carrying bouquets of flowers, teddy bears and boxes of chocolates, and I felt awkward for them not because of the public cheese that they were displaying, but because it’s so hassling to think how they were going to carry those items, most especially when they’re travelling via public transportation. Even if you say that it’s a universal situation every Valentines’ Day, it doesn’t make it hassle-free.

I went to Globe to pay my bills and asked Ian to just meet me there. I was surprised to see him carrying his own bouquet (hahaha), and I was like, “Oh hey, whyyy!”. We’re not the type who celebrates the highly anticipated hearts’ day the way others do, we’ve spent the last seven years without flowers and chocolates, so yesterday was different for me. I wasn’t even able to stop myself from saying, “Hassle umuwi, but thank you!”

I took the card (which had a pair of pink flip-flops on the cover) out of the bouquet and I just laughed when I read his message: “Excited for our vacation!” It’s not even Valentines’ Day related, and I joked that I knew that this roses gesture was just really for the sake of Valentines’! We laughed, because duh, he was trying to conform. He then said, “Hassle nga, itapon na natin ung flowers!” and I was like, “Sure ka?” Guilt was starting to creep on me and I was wondering if he just suggested that because my facial expressions implied that I was thinking about the hassle, though I have to say that I liked his idea.

He was even thinking of cutting the stems of the roses into halves so it would fit the bag but then I thought that it was too morbid. Then I realized he wasn’t kidding. I had a light bulb moment and thought that I’d just get a piece to keep and then we’d just do whatever he pleases. We picked one rose, and the rest were succumbed to death as Ian covered them with a paper bag. When we found the trash bin, we bid goodbye to the bouquet and apologized for the short stint it had with us.

“Bye, roses!”

Today, 14th of February, he’s at work while I’m here at home, constructing this entry.

Ladies and gentlemen, our take on Valentines’ Day.

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