I am supposed to be laying my fat ass (as in right now) on one of Bellevue’s queen-sized beds. I could’ve gone with my twinny, Kayla and Ian, and yes it could’ve been a prologue to our main event in March. I previously shared I backed out because I suddenly got priorities and I hope it’s worth it! I’m crossing my fingers that it’s going to be, and I get the feeling that everything will fall into places, soon. I just got to breathe in and breathe out, and that’s what I’m doing at the moment. Also, it’s good to note that it’s still just the first weekend of February, meaning there is a good chance of making 2/12 happen within the month. Let’s see!

Done with Where’d You Go, Bernadette! I’m hoping to start with Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children tonight, after I face the reality that I need to revisit the frigging competitive deck and update my assigned slides. Ugh, so disheartening.

I’m about to write on The Daykeeper, for today, and this twelfth volume.

To the single edit of The Vaccines’ Handsome

Well I’m thinking about what Loboc River is like, and that buffet in Bee Farm. I’m also thinking about getting a new pair of sunnies and flip-flops, a one-piece maillot and a rash guard this week, a birthday present for my boyfriend who’s blowing candles in eleven days (please tell me that there are other choices apart from Vans and Adidas), the book that I left in Fully Booked Fort last Friday, and that pair of Roshe Runs that could’ve been mine by now!


I wish that by some miracle I will lose weight in time for the Boracay trip on March, without doing anything. I can’t give up ramen, and I’m too lazy to hit the gym.

I don’t feel like being too demanding right now so I just hope that everything will be alright and that it will get steady, in general.

A gray razorback top and a pair of denim shorts.

The Indie Mix playlist on Spotify

I want a long weekend.

Still those me times. One isn’t enough!


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