The continuous streak for this series of posts almost got broken, but this week is the fourteenth consecutive volume and I can’t afford to miss one! I’m pushing this because it’s a long weekend for me anyway, because this is how I roll. Loljk. No seriously, I have a wedding to attend hence the vacation leave. It’s a good thing I won’t have to deal with the Monday horror for this week, but on another hand, it’s stressing me out because a day out of the office means extended working hours the next day. So whatever, kbye.

Btw, the tarts in the photo above are from Rowena’s, and they’re pretty good. The iced coffee a la Yshy complemented the pastries!

I’m still on Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and I’m set to finish more chapters tonight given that I won’t fall asleep.

I’m about to start on a new travel post! I’m very excited about this one because I just got back from the trip earlier today and the experience is still so fresh!

My ears are involuntarily listening to an OPM song, which I’m not familiar with. My mom is currently watching a concert special and I forgot to press play my favorite playlist within my favorite YouTube channel.

I’m thinking about how my head is aching at the moment and what to wear for the celebration tomorrow.

I smell the milk lotion that my sister is putting on herself right now (lol, was that something I shouldn’t have typed?)

The usual — a) that I’ll lose weight without doing anything; b) that the upcoming working weeks will be manageable; c) that I’ll have plenty of me times; d) that it will rain money (haha!)

That peace of mind will be granted to me soon

The maroon tank top from Divided that I wore when I went home from the beach trip that I just had, a purple Snoopy pajama, and of course, my navy blue jacket

The sand bars and the coral reefs that I encountered yesterday!

To finish my current read so I can open a new book from my stash


Groggy. Got no decent sleep and I’m having some sort of headache but I don’t want to stop doing this.

My Gmail, Twitter and Dropbox accounts

*The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Siddathornton.


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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

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