The first quarter of the year is almost over, and what better way to end it than hitting the beach (again)? The trip I’ve been talking about for weeks has finally happened, and I wish it didn’t have to end! Boracay’s indeed a beautiful place and I can say that it’s one of those places you’d never mind going back to. The people we’ve met were all so nice too, even nicer than those whom I’ve known all my life. I now believe in the saying that strangers are friends, you just haven’t met them yet.

So we flew Wednesday night (me, my twinny Ysa, Kayla and Ian) – our flight got delayed, but no hard feelings. It was actually kind of in favor of us, we didn’t book a room for that first night because practicality hits. It would be a waste in our funds since we won’t be staying in the room for the whole day anyway. We landed in Kalibo International Airport past midnight, took a van to Caticlan Jetty Port and rode the ferry boat to the island itself. Everything went fine, except that I have to say that the van ride wasn’t sleep-friendly.

We went to the hotel to ask the receptionist if we could drop our things and just come back when it’s okay to check-in, and she was too nice to say yes. The guy from the cafe even gave us a cold towel (he must have seen the oil and grease on our faces) and I kid you not when I say it’s the most epic welcome I’ve received in my whole life. Boracay: 1 point!

We made our way to the shore (man, the sand was so fine I could make a cake from it!) in the hopes of finding a bar to stay until sunrise. There was Club Paraw but we thought it was too crowded, and the smell of the algae was addicting so we walked some more. It was around 3AM and sleepiness was starting to creep in each one of us, and what a blessing that there were empty beds outside Mandarin Spa. We chilled for a while and found ourselves asleep until some sort of emergency light shone brightly upon our faces. Whatever, at least we didn’t have to spend money for five hours, and we were able to sleep for free! Team Manila: 1 point!

Finally, it was daylight! But it wasn’t check-in time yet so we just had coffee and cheesecake for breakfast. We went back to the shore to check how it looks like in the morning, for the first time!

Good morning, Boracay!
Good morning, algaes of Boracay!

We were able to talk to one local, Kuya Nestor, who offered to tour us around. We told him we would sleep first and agreed to meet up with him after lunch.

Checked-in, at long last!

We scheduled the activities according to each’s level of difficulty, with the first two being a bit extreme. Well for me, it was. On top of the list is the ATV ride to Mt. Luho, which gave me chills because duh, the closest thing I ever did was to ride a bike, and that isn’t even.. close. Lol

I was nervous because the boo-boo memories I had when I tried driving a bump car and that motor life buoy in Enchanted Kingdom back when I was a child came flashing in. So I had my left hand stay put on the brake the whole time and what a sigh of relief when we reached Mt. Luho. We were about to park the rides and just when I thought I did it perfectly, I bumped into Ian’s ATV and there, another boo-boo added to my never ending list.

Up to Mt. Luho!
Up to Mt. Luho!

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It was my first time to touch an eagle and to see an owl too! It was rotating its head 360 degrees and it was creepy as fuck! I didn’t want to look straight to its eyes!

Squeezed myself in between Ysa and Kayla because the owl, yikes!

We went up the mountain (via bamboo ladders) to witness the breathtaking view of the whole Boracay Island and wow, just wow!

After an hour of taking numerous selfies and self-wes, we finally gave up. The first thing to dread was how to go down from 20 feet above and going back to the base via the ATV. The way back was more of a challenge for me because the road was directed downwards, and I figured the ride would be harder to control unlike when we were on the way up. I was afraid of the trucks on the other side and I tried my hardest to stay on my lane. Fortunately, there were no boo-boos and I am proud to say that I had a few minutes waving my hands while my ride is on!

We went back to the beach for our next activity which was the helmet diving! A lot of people were on the beach and it was scorching hot but what the heck, the tan lines we’d be having would be from Boracay!

We rode a boat to get to Milky’s Diving Point and I was, again, nervous. It’s ironic how I love the beach yet I’m extremely afraid of water. I know how to swim a little, but realizing that I can no longer touch the sea bed gives me panic attack and I totally forget that I can swim!

Feels like something from the future!
This feels like something from the future!

Upon being aware that these helmets weigh 30 kilograms and were to be put on our heads, I almost backed out but I remembered that I didn’t ride the speed boat just to stand there. I gathered my courage to go down and walk under the sea, and to take off my cover-up as well. Haha!

Can you feel the anxiety through my face?
Can you feel the anxiety through my face?

Lol, Ian didn’t move at all!

I was very happy the moment I got out of the water as it was another unforgettable experience! It’s one of those things you would want to do once and you’re done! Well it’s not really scary and it’s manageable it’s just that breathing underwater and dealing with pressure is too much work for me. Haha!

We headed to the famous Johna’s Fruit Shake after as the activities were both so intense and I was really thirsty!

Ysa + Kayla

Killed time at the beach before heading back to the hotel and rest!

Feeling sexy and free!

That’s basically it for the first part! I will be sharing more of this trip on a separate entry (hopefully tomorrow? but it’s Sunday, hehez), still got so much more to say about the beautiful island of Boracay!

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