I’m on leave today because it’s my little brother’s recognition day and I’m making the most out of this opportunity by constructing  a new entry before Saturday. Yay! I’ll start where I left off, so this will be about the second part of the Boracay trip which happened two weeks ago.

I said that we scheduled the activities according to each’s level of difficulty, with the first part telling about the ones I found extreme. Our next agenda was to do island hopping, which was supposed to include three islands (not sure if these were Carabao+Crocodile+Puka or Carabao+Crystal Cove+Puka because even Google wasn’t able to refresh my memory so whatever) but we ended up just snorkeling and visiting only one island (which was Puka) due to the strong current. If I may remember it correctly, that was the time when there was a low pressure area within PAR.

We met up with Kuya Nestor at around 11AM, because according to him it would be nice to have lunch at Puka Beach. We transferred to the other side of the main island because it’s where the boat was. Man, I literally stopped at every rock because looking at Boracay on that angle totally left me in awe.


We snorkeled for about thirty minutes first before heading to Puka beach. It was nice seeing coral reefs under and it made me feel proud of myself because: 1) I knew how to use the apparatus properly, thanks to Naz’s lessons in Burot; and 2) I wasn’t one who stayed within the vicinity of the boat (with Ian’s help and assurance of course). It had been a bit of a challenge though, because as I’ve said, the current was quite strong and we had to move against it.

We then headed to the famous Puka beach, where we stayed the whole afternoon. We had lunch before anything else (Pajack was the name of the restaurant, witty, noh?) and we really enjoyed the food! We got stressed at one point though because a swarm of puka shell vendors came crashing in and I swear we came to the point where we told them to just calm down. Haha!

Anyway, the beach was pretty different from the main Boracay island. Puka’s more quiet, and more native I must say. It’s not spoiled, and I hope it remains that way.

This shot's worthy to be a poster only our body's aren't!!
This shot’s worthy to be a poster only our bodies aren’t!!

We swam for like three hours, just enjoyed each wave that hit our skins and savored the taste of the saltwater. More photos of the unspoiled beach:

The obligatory Puka pose!
The obligatory Puka pose!

We got back to the main island before sunset so we could watch it while paraw sailing! It. Was. Uh-mazing.

I have this thing for coconuts, noh?
I have this thing for coconuts, noh?


This trip was 70% boo-boo adventures and 30% right moves but the heck, it’s what made it more fun and memorable! Did I mention we enjoyed shopping at D-Mall so much that we ran our asses off at Caticlan port to chase our flight, [and still] showed up late at the airport on our way back to Manila, resulting to a new set of plane tickets and wastage of funds? Hahaha! Epic!

This concludes the travel part of my first quarter 2015 and I can’t wait for my new set of destinations! I’ve yet to concretely decide where will I head during the second quarter but I’m eyeing the mountains for a change of scenery. I will have to meet with my Daykeeper for this and I will just surprise you some time in April!

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