I’m so bored right now and I can’t figure out whether I will watch the horror movies I downloaded a couple of weeks ago (these are Shutter and A Tale of Two Sisters) or continue reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and hopefully reach its last page. Because of this, I decided to finally implement the segments [for this blog] that I came up with last January. They’ve been sitting on my file folders since two months ago and now’s the right time! Haha!

One of these segments is something that I will call A Word A Day, wherein there will be a word for the day and whatever result/s (well, preferably the helpful and noteworthy ones) that will come out from the search will be shared on the post. Haha, nothing serious, just my random way of amusing myself on boring days.. like this.

So! Today’s word is: Tamarind

1. Well we all know that tamarind is a tree and it has its herbal benefits which includes easing stomach discomfort, aiding digestion and stuff. OMG I’m so bored and these things that I’m reading are making me more.. bored. HAHA. And I figured that you’ll search for these facts yourself when you need them, so I won’t go about mentioning each medicinal use.

2. I came across different restaurants that are named after Tamarind and I’m sharing them here in case you travel someday, somewhere in the world:

3. Lastly, I found Tamarind, a luxury hotel in the platinum west coast of Barbados. Based on my initial readings, I would say that it’s ideal for couples and families who would want to get a taste of the Caribbean. I’ve saved some photos of the hotel, for your reference just in case:

Wow, looks like a Caribbean country has entered my Wanderlust list huh! Such a nice place!

Okay, here goes my first entry under this segment and I hope you enjoyed, because I did! Well, the Wikipedia part bored me but discovering other stuff was fun!

Source: Wikipedia, Mercola, Tamarind of Mayfair, Tamarind: A Taste of Laos, The Tamarind Group, Tamarind Restaurant, Tamarind Barbados

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  1. Hi Yshy! I am so loving this blog idea of yours. Very cute and at the same time, it teaches that some simple things (such as a word) can benefit us a lot, and we can learn from them :)

    1. Hi Salve! Nice to see you here! :) Glad you like it, and I love that insight of yours! Currently listening to your mixtape btw! :)

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