I’m writing this while Ian and I are doing a rundown of stuff that we need to bring for our Boracay trip (via Line App) set ten days from now. The sun is angrily showing off its heat, and I can feel it even if I’m on my bed, laying downwards. It makes me more excited to get reunited with the beach again (even though I still have a separation anxiety towards last week’s trip), and burn my skin some more.

Still Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and I haven’t moved a single page! I know I must gotta get that drive back but I got so tired last week that I wasn’t able to do any of my whereabouts outside work. I’m allotting two hours for a movie today, and I hope I’d be able to get back to reading later tonight.

I just finished my Burot weekend post, but I will be working on my Saturday and Sunday entries on The Daykeeper in a bit, after this Volume 15.

The Horror/Marble by Syd Kemp

Well I got myself two swimsuits for Boracay but I’m thinking about getting another one because #YshyProblems. I know it’s so impractical because I could really use the other one I bought for the Baler trip I had last summer but admit it, it’s just so nice to have different set of bikinis for different beach trips! HAHAHA OH MY GOSH I AM SO ANNOYING.

Nothing, although the distinct smell of the burger of this fast food chain is on my mind right now.

Beach, please.

For buyers of the Devant bluetooth speakers that I won from a raffle! I posted it on OLX, or you may send me a message if you’re interested. Buy it already so I can get another swimsuit without too much guilt. Haha!

A gray spaghetti-strapped top and a pair of pink floral shorts. I haven’t taken my bath for the day!

The warmth of the keys of my keyboard, for some miraculous reason. I hate heat but thinking about Jonah’s fruity milkshake and my soon-to-be (even more) tanned skin is just glorious!

To eat my afternoon snack but I feel like I’m still full yet hungry. You know what I’m saying?

A full body massage. I swear I need to get rid of this very tired feeling!

Very tired. My gosh, I didn’t sleep on Wednesday night, went out of the house at 5 in the morning of Thursday and still did overtime, clocked in at 8 Friday morning, didn’t had lunch and chased deadlines. Went to Quezon City yesterday night and got home at 1 in the morning. Finished my latest blog entry and slept at 4 in the morning today. So yeah, I am very, very tired.

YouTube, Facebook and Wandrealust.

*The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Siddathornton.

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