I’m spending the afternoon here at the milk tea shop in our village. My brother is currently having his hair cut, and I’m wating for him to finish. I’m looking at my two-layered tan skin, which brings a lot of beach memories and little regrets at the same time. I could’ve applied sunblock but like always, I wanted to come back to Manila with a visible tan.

The book is open at the moment, page 143, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I would’ve brought this with me in Boracay, but my office laptop occupied a big space in my back pack and I figured I wouldn’t be able to open it anyway.

I’m currently working on a write-up for a Kazakhstan born film producer, and I have to finish it before the day ends. Time pressured yes, but I’m always so thankful for projects like this!

N2Deep, by Basecamp

About the overwhelming number of paragraphs I’m set to construct later tonight. How do you write a letter of decline?

None, but then I remembered the intense smell of my black ponytail that made the Boracay crew’s almost ruined Saturday afternoon! I’ll share more about that on a separate entry!

I’m just so thankful and I can say that I’m content with what I have, where I am and who I am at the moment. I just wish that this will continue, and more side projects maybe?

For good things

A white shirt from one of our media partners and a denim pair of shorts

Boracay! Can I go back tomorrow?!

I can’t think of anything and I’m serious! (I smile)

I don’t know! I’m surprisingly relaxed today, and that must be a good indicator that I had a good vacation! I had to work from time to time but it was all good and fun!

Happy! Well not really happy-happy because I did not win the lottery or anything but I’m you know, it’s the smiling kind of happy. You know what I’m saying?

WordPress, YouTube and this Mount Pinatubo tours website.

*The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Siddathornton.

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

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