I’m also getting tired seeing Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children on my TSC featured photos. I lost count of how many times it did a cameo and I sincerely wish that it won’t have to reappear again next week. Don’t get me wrong, I love the book, it’s just that the fact that it’s taking me long to finish bores me and I will try my hardest to be done with it within the week. I can’t wait to know more about the home, and the kids!

I said it, I’m still on Ransom Rigg’s first novel but I’m moving!

Volume 18 of this series, and about to start either on a [angry] journal post or part two of the recent Boracay trip I had! Also due today is my Saturday and Sunday entries on the Daykeeper

Medusa by Gems

I’m thinking about a lof of things: 1) going to The Better Story camp on the 28th, but I want to go with my sister; 2) the on-going seat sale within Cebu Pacific; 3) the “migration cash box” to accompany my travel coin bank; 4) my scattered funds; 5) that newly-released theme I’m eyeing to purchase (hihi)

My hands but no smell

That I really get to define what I want to focus on and where I want to see myself in the coming days, months and years. I wish that I get to make the move towards these (when they finally reveal themselves to me) and that I won’t be wasting more time.

I hope for nothing more than good things

Well I haven’t taken my bath for the day (TMI, sorry about that!). I’m wearing the other half of my purple Snoopy jammies, and a pair of floral shorts

This Indie Electronica playlist!

I just want more time to finish this book beside me and to finally watch the movies I downloaded last week. This includes Shutter and A Tale of Two Sisters!

I don’t know. A sense of direction perhaps? Ah no, definitely a sense of direction!

Nothing. I feel like I’m floating and just existing. Haha

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

7 replies on “The Sunday Currently Vol. 18

  1. I’m curious about that newly-released theme you’re talking about, though I don’t know what exact theme that is. Hahaha. I’ve recently been scouring the net again for new themes but I can’t seem to find any good ones yet that aren’t already being used by other bloggers. Don’t get me wrong, I love my current theme very much. It’s just that I don’t feel so comfortable knowing that there are other bloggers using the same theme (I only know of a few within my network though, haha). I know, it’s normal seeing blogs with same themes. But… Hahaha. That’s why I’m customizing mine to at least differentiate it from others. :P

    PS. I love your blog! I might be backreading your posts. :)

    1. Hi Mikyu!! I bet you already saw Rosemary, if I’m not mistaken you’re using a theme from SoloPine? :) Haha, I get that feeling! I search for themes that are not being used by a lot of bloggers too, but it can’t be helped if the theme is really nice!!

      So sweet of you to say that! I love your blog too, and I’m glad I’ve stumbled upon it! :) And like what I’ve said, from now on I’ll try to leave comments for more “bonding”! Haha!

      1. Haha yay! Yup, I’ve heard of Rosemary! It’s very pretty! My theme is not from SoloPine, though. I guess a lot of people mistake it for a SoloPine creation because it’s also clean and pretty. Hahaha.

        1. Diba, it’s sooo simple yet elegant! HAHAHA! Ah really, where is it from, if I may ask? :) True that SoloPine themes are clean! I’ve seen some of their theme showcases, even Cassia is nice too!

  2. So how do you find Ransom Rigg’s novel? :) Hehe I’m really curious since most people that I know of liked the book (and I find it just alright. hehe)

    Stumbled upon your blog and now bookmarking! Yay! :D

    1. Hi Jhanz! I can say that Ransom Rigg’s storytelling style is really intended for kids. Haha, you know what I mean? :) It’s very bedtime story-ish! I find it just alright too, though I’m not yet finish so this judgment can change :)

      Aww thank you!! Dropping by your blog too, now! :)

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