I’m still waiting for the bacon barbecue cheeseburger, squid balls, kikiam and the Hershey Craze flavored milk shake to digest inside my tummy which is why I’m sitting and not lying downwards on my bed while doing this volume. I can’t believe it’s been 19 weeks, and that I managed to do it consistently! So proud of my lazy self!

Anyway, my sister and I were supposed to go to the Block Party in Alabang but it was scorching hot today and we decided to cancel and just stay home. However, we couldn’t keep still because as I’ve said, it was hot so we took a walk around the subdivision. Our feet led us to the milk tea shop, and my supposedly allowance for the remaining three working days this week is now gone. What are pigs?!

We did a small picnic outside our house, and it’s funny that the sibs and I were able to force our mom to join us to have snack on the sack mat! Spot her in the featured photo! Haha!

Well for a change, I’m reading a guy’s Facebook status and I’m so, so amazed with how he talked about his girl (who happens to be my batch mate in high school, and they’re getting married in two months). His message revolved around nothing fancy, and in spite of it, I can totally feel where his deepest emotions are coming from. Those birthday and anniversary celebrations, they’re just merely add-ons and do not define a relationship. I agree that more than love, respect and friendship are things that really keep it going. What Mark feels goes beyond their relationship highlights and milestones, and for me, being able to take note of the little things more than the obvious portrays one deep, deep love! I’m sure a great marriage is waiting for them and I’m so happy for Nica, and for them both!

PS – Someone’s on a high with chick flick love! No Strings Attached in particular (Kutcher, FTW!) hehe watched it last night! And really, I just want to stop mentioning Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children in this bullet but I just did. Rawr

This volume and nothing else. I feel like I’m doing a real blog post because the first bullet alone generated almost two hundred words!

Warpaint’s I’ll Start Believing


I’m not sure. My brain stopped functioning after I finished talking about that sweet, sweet Facebook status!


That my credit card application has been approved! Haha! Some Visa card number (with available credit) appeared on my online bank account and I’m not sure if that’s it. Though I received two SMS’ from the bank last Friday that my application got rejected but I rechecked my online bank account and the number is still there. My office mate also told me that our HR officer was looking for me last Friday (I was on leave) with an envelope in his hand, so that must be it! *Fingers crossed!

I badly want to have a credit card of my own because I want to stop asking for my mom’s whenever I buy apps and themes! And also because I’m fond of impulse buys! Haha

That that envelope is my credit card, for realzz!

This song by Purity Ring, “Heartsigh”

I seriously want to go back to my old body – that one sporting a flat tummy and leaner arms! My gosh I swear the last thing that can make me really lose weight is when someone exiles me to an island without pizza, ice cream, milk shake, tapa, sisig and fried rice! Help me, Ellen Adarna!

I need a reinforcement that will push me to go back to running! Never mind crossfit for now as I know that at this point, I can tell that I can’t finish a single round! Okay, hitting H&M and Cotton On tomorrow for my reinforcements. HAHAHA

Full! The fam’s no longer having dinner tonight!

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    1. Purity Ring!!! *heart, heart, heart* :))))) Diba?! His message banks on the simplest things but the hugot comes from there, and it’s what makes the feelings real <3

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