I feel like it’s been ages since I last did something other than the countless Excel worksheets and Powerpoint presentations the past week, and you don’t know how happy I am right now because I’m finally looking at my website dashboard. I never had enough eat and sleep (date nights too, and I was crying inside lelz) though I saw a light in the fact that I was able to clock in before 8 AM for five consecutive days! I’m hoping that next week will be better for me, most especially in terms of sleep. I’M. SO. TIRED.

Anyway, since I don’t have anything to share other than my rants (and I know you and I don’t want that), it’s time for a new word: Scission

1. Gotta be honest, the first result is useful to me as the word isn’t part of my everyday vocabulary. I find it scientific-ish and I kind of zoned out when I saw that this is the word for the day! Haha! Okay so I learned that apparently, it is not at all related to scissors. Well yes because they’re both associated with “cut” but scissors is a cutting tool and came from a different root. Scission, on the other hand is an act of cutting, dividing, or splitting. Hmm, now I know!

2. So there’s this film called Scission (which scared the hell out of me upon opening the home page), and I might actually take the time to watch it whenever everything goes back to normal. It’s about Kev, a man whose wife disappeared and is left with his two daughters and sister-in-law. He battles feelings of abandonment and betrayal, resulting to paranoid delusions that reach out from an elusive past.

I watched the trailer and I was right when I thought it was scary! Reading through the synopsis made me think that it might not really be, but with the trailer, yes.

3. And there’s the Scission blog too (but on December 2014, the blogger called a halt to it) which seriously caught my attention and made me read through some of its posts. It talks about the struggle against white skin privilege and supremacy, in an autonomist Marxist point of view. I suddenly remembered my Economics subject back when I was in senior year. Scission is a good read, and I salute the blogger for having a very sensible purpose. I mean, comparing my blog to his/hers, mine is just some fancy lifestyle blog with nothing to contribute to the society. I want to send him/her an e-mail to tell him that he/she shouldn’t stop (unfortunately, I couldn’t find any e-mail address on the page), because his/her blog is totally worth the space on the internet. I wish my blog will have a sensible purpose too, and I’ll be working on it.

The featured photo for this post is from the said blog, by the way. Just look at it and you’ll see how substantial Scission is. Hello blogger, what is your name?

4. I also found Scission by Tim Winton, which according to the Panmacmillan website:

“In this, Tim Winton’s first collection of short stories, the world he paints is often harsh and disturbing, inhabited by isolated, unforgiving characters. It is a world at once familiar, filled with the trappings of home and family, and yet also strangely twisted; a world where casual brutality and unexpected death are never far from the surface. Evident in a young girl’s violent temper once the eggs she has so jealously guarded finally hatch, or in the careless indifference of the woman stepping over a soldier’s spreadeagled body, Tim Winton’s world is a place where dysfunction and disorder constantly threaten the equilibrium. But there is compassion and beauty there too – whether it’s in the brush of a father’s hand against his young son’s cheek, or the neighbours who wait patiently to celebrate the arrival of a new baby.”

That’s it for AWAD! I actually found today’s session really insightful! I learned a lot, and it’s cool that the results are associated with some of the things that I like: movies, blogs and books!

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