Before anything else, I like to mention that I recently changed layouts and my site logo as well. I’ve been meaning to since last month but I was torn because I really liked the look of my blog prior to this one. However, I figured that there was too much going on in the home page and I think the new look is better because it’s more straightforward — easier to navigate, cleaner and there’s lesser details. My new logo, on the other hand, was made by a friend whom I “e-met” recently, and I’m really happy about it because aside from it being cute and all, it’s also timely for the season! Hello summer! Yayayay!

Anyway, this is another new segment that I came up with which I will call Artist Obsessions, which obviously is going to be about artists that I like, doesn’t matter if he/she/they comes from the music, art, sport or whatever industry. The difference though of Artist Obsessions with On Spotlight (because you might be wondering) is that this segment will be written based on my point of view (or should I say the questions will be directed towards me, and nothing deep, just mere observations), the artists that will be featured here are the ones whom I cannot contact or have an interaction on a personal level. With On Spotlight, I get to talk to the artists one on one and any information that I’ve written on the article were from the artists themselves.

First on the list is Courtney Barnett, a 27 year old indie rock artist from Australia.

How long have you been listening to Courtney?

I think I’ve been listening for a while, maybe a month, it’s just that I never had the chance to focus on her alone until recently.

How did you find out about her?

I listened to Courtney first on Spotify, she was one of the most recommended artists for me since I’ve been listening to similar artists such as Daughter, Angus and Julia Stone and Broods.

What was the very first song that you heard, if you remember?

I first heard Pedestrian at Best, which I totally enjoyed that I repeated it over and over until I almost memorized the chorus! Just the chorus though because it has too much words! Give me a week, maybe?

Did you have any close encounters with her?

Well the closest thing that I had with Courtney is my e-mail subscription to her website! Haha

Why do you like her?

Because her music is straightforward, she says things as it is, no holds barred.

Aside from her music, what else is it with her that catches your attention?

Her simplicity

Can you relate to her in a way or two?

Yes, definitely! I can actually hear from her some of my thoughts and feelings even if she doesn’t say them the way they exactly are

If there are three words that you can associate with her, what would they be?

Authentic, Fast, Simple

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