I lost count of how many times I’ve spoken about this band and their music, and I swear I never get tired. I don’t think I will ever reach my saturation point for these three – aaahh, I just can’t stop celebrating their powerhouse existence.

Yeah right, I’m talking about Daughter, again!

How long have you been listening to Daughter?

I’ve been listening to them since 2011! Same songs man, same songs! I’m so into their music that drowning myself in it is one of the many reasons why I love spending time with myself. This “fan” spell is crazy!

How did you find out about them?

Well I got lucky! I was putting songs in my iPod back in the days, just browsing through YouTube doing my usual sidebar adventures, and there – I met the only band I fanned and will fan like this!

What was the first song that you heard, if you remember?

Of course I do! Youth, the song of my life! I know I said this before, but the song is my life too. That song is the root of all this fan-girl craziness, and I’ll always be so glad and thankful that I clicked that thumbnail. That one with five kids sporting wolf heads, which also gave birth to my fascination with wildlife and triangles. Reckless, eh?

Did you have any close encounters with them?

I’m proud to say that my interaction with them goes beyond just e-mail subscriptions! Made friends with fellow fans who live in Europe and who had the initiative to create a surprise project for the band while touring in 2014, and I was able to send in my letter (some sort of a dedication) to them! Banana (the surprise project) compiled all the messages and tokens of any form and gave the whole thing to the band!

Why do you like them?

I can relate to them so much that I don’t have to try to fit into their music because it just.. fits. It fits me like we’re a perfect match! Their music truly comes from the heart, and it’s crazy how their songs are beautifully written and sung (it’s like Utopia) yet they speak of the reality (which is not all the time good). It drives me nuts how they’re able to fuse beauty and the not-so-so-ones and arriving at very brilliant pieces.

Aside from their music, what else is it with them that catches your attention?

Their effortless coolness. It just comes out no matter what!

Can you relate to them in a way or two?

Big yes! Most especially with Youth because it says so much about everything. It basically is a summary of what’s inside me – thoughts, feelings – life in general.

If there are three words that you can associate with them, what would they be?

Heartfelt, Sincere, Humble

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