My favorite Spotify playlist is on and I’m drowning as usual, instead of concentrating. Can’t blame myself because duh – Arctic Monkeys, In the Valley Below, Death Cab for Cutie and more! Anyway. I aim to come up with a “day” post for today as I realized that it’s been really long since I did an entry as such. Almost all my recent posts fall under segments and I’m honestly bored. I know it’s my beautiful mind (and it was fun conceptualizing and doing posts for each segment) but I feel like the series of posts is becoming too templated that my Journal category is losing its true essence. I find the concept of segments brilliant and convenient though, it’s just that I feel like consistency do not work with it well (is it me or that statement sounded hazy?). I’m not going to demolish the segments either, it’s just that I missed the good 2005 blogging days again and I know that if I push myself to consistently post real stuff, this should not be a concern at all. #YshyProblems, guys.

So it’s finally weekend, and I hate that Saturday has gone by quickly again. Well to be fair, I enjoyed the day so I’m saying whatever to that rant. I’m glad that I fought my laziness and body ache excuses and went out with Ian today. It’s been a while since we spent long hours together and I truly missed it. Wish we get to do it often again!

I was already hungry when we met at BGC and I wanted a heavy meal so we looked around. We reached 9th Street in the hopes of finding more restaurant choices that would suit my cravings (cream-based pasta and a refreshing dessert) but we ended up seeing couples doing photo shoots. Realized there was a graffiti wall on the side *light bulb moment so we joined the bandwagon! Well not really because I just wanted a new About Me photo and not a portfolio (lol) so we just had a few shots.

I got annoyed at first because Ian couldn’t get the shot that I want but I later figured that it was the railings all along! Haha!

We finally decided to have our early dinner at Mary Grace, because when you say cream-based pasta, their Mushroom Pasta is definitely one of my tops of mind. It never fails!! Ian got the Chicken Inasal sandwich which was good as well, plus the chips and the dip on the side!

I was still hungry for some reason, so we decided to have dessert too! Tried the Mango Bene for the first time and it was really gooood!! So glad I got jealous with the guy on the other table (haha), the slice was gone in sixty seconds!

After dinner, we went to Aura for a quick stroll, and a quick swipe of my credit card. Lol, happy though with what I got for myself because it’s been a while since I did physical purchases! Most of my purchases lately were for my online needs, so I don’t feel it that much.

We passed by this little exhibit which features the Mamasapano soldiers and victims. Looking at the portraits and captions was heartbreaking.

Instances like this really do make me realize how I tend to overlook the blessings that I have. Haay, sorry. I just wish these people won’t have to deal with real life nightmares like that again.

Okay, ending this post with a self-we collage because I don’t care even if it’s blurry and pixelated.

Thank you for today! <3

Also, I just have to mention that the featured photo was taken in Sky Park while some jeje students were loitering around the place. I could’ve snapped a better one but whatever.

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