This is probably one of the saddest Sundays I’ve woken up to, if not the saddest. One of my good friends, DJ, his girlfriend and his siblings were caught in an accident last night in SCTEX – Tarlac, while on the way home from Manaoag Church in Pangasinan. He is currently in a critical condition, in the ICU, and I even heard from one of our friends that he underwent an operation earlier today. I’m not sure if the surgery’s done, but I’m hoping for nothing but the best. His two sisters are also in critical condition, both 50/50, and unfortunately, his girlfriend and little brother didn’t survive. I was in a state of shock when I heard the news, and until now I cannot absorb what happened. All of us friends are crossing our fingers, waiting, hoping. I hope DJ wakes up, I hope, I hope.

Anyway, this is the 20th volume of The Sunday Currently, and it’s Easter! Well that’s not at all relevant, I’m just finding ways to smile. HAH! I really do hope DJ wakes up.

Well it’s been a staycation Holy Week for me and my family, so we just spent it by watching every MMK program, alongside movies that were also shown the past three days. We also got to enjoy the best (I hate to say dirty, and it’s true that it’s the best) ice cream with cute cones and flavors after a long time, which is why I chose it to be this volume’s featured photo. Nothing beats the refreshing feeling sorbetes can bring!

Breaking News: I am finally done with Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children! I dedicated the first two non-working days to reading and I’m so glad that I’m done with the book. And I like it! I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book, Hollow City, and for the movie as well. Heard it’s going to be directed by Tim Burton which is why it’s really something that’s worth the anticipation!

Anyway, I started Jennifer Smith’s This is What Happy Looks Like, and it’s too early to judge so let’s see until I move further.

I was trying out my calligraphy pen a while ago, but I lost patience and my hands were kind of shaky because I don’t know, anxiety attack. I am also writing this volume as of the moment, the 20th.

Klo’s False Calls

I’m thinking about my heart. I don’t want tomorrow to come, my heart is racing every time I think about it – their faces, questions and anything else related. More importantly, I’m thinking about DJ. I hope he’s gonna be okay.

Nothing. Got colds as of the moment.

That tomorrow’s gonna be okay. That I may face my mini battles tomorrow (the rest of the week and the many many days to come) in full strength and end them victoriously. Of course, I hope that my friend is gonna make it, that he wakes up, and that he will continue to be the funny friend he has always been.

I’m wearing my most tattered “Pekkle” dress shirt, which is a hand-me-down from my mom! It’s been in our household for almost thirty years I think, and it’s that piece of clothing that is only capable of providing the best comfort! Do you have that piece too?

My new layout and my new logo! My logo most especially, because it was done for me and only me. Thanks Val! <3

Peace of mind, seriously. PLEASE!

I totally need to take a bath after this!

Rattled. Anxious.

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14 replies on “The Sunday Currently Vol. 20

  1. Happy Easter! Glad to know you liked Miss Peregrine’s! I personally find it okay (nothing too spectacular), but the idea of seeing it live kind of excites me. Hehe! Didn’t grab Hollow City because I don’t think it’s for me, but would totally wait for your feedback of the book :)

    1. Haha, there were parts that I really liked but there were also parts that were dragging. I liked how the storytelling went, but specifically for the “battle” part, I just felt like it took too long. The level of excitement went down because the phasing of the events were kinda slow. But yeah, I think seeing it live, with matching sound and other effects is exciting! Will get Hollow City (but not very soon haha) because it’s the real battle na between the hollowghasts! :)

  2. My cousin was one of the passengers. I was shocked when I heard the news too. 2 were DOA and another one, my cousin’s bestfriend, joined our creator just yesterday. They were terribly injured. 2 is still in the ICU. Luckily, driver is now in the recovery room, a stoop down. Also my cousin gained consciousness just yesterday, stuporous thou. Hope everything will be okay soon and lets pray for the departed souls :( God bless everyone and keep safe!

    1. OMG. The driver is my friend, he underwent an operation today and is still under observation for 72 hours. The younger sister is also critical, and we haven’t heard any updates about her condition yet. It’s so devastating to hear all these news but we gotta be strong. I hope your cousin is going to be okay, and so sorry for her friend :( Let’s just think that everything happens for a reason. Let’s pray for the families who were left by the departed, too :(

  3. How’s your friend and his sisters? This is such a sad news. No matter what they say about death being inevitable in our lives, it doesn’t make the feeling of losing someone any less devastating. :(

    1. Hi Mik, as per the latest update, my friend is under observation for 72 hours after his operation. His older sister passed away too the other day :( That’s so true, we really need to keep safe, no matter what. You keep safe Mik!

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