Of course I won’t let the 21st volume screw the consistent streak of this blog series, so welcome! The reason why this volume ran late is because I went out with Ian today (yay, it’s been a while!) to finally see the Fast and the Furious 7! We were supposed to see it during the weekdays but work has eaten all of my time which is why we weren’t able to have dinner outs as well. Hate that I missed the premiere, and the boyf so much! Anyway, the last part of the movie made me go teary-eyed as I felt that Roman/Tyrese was getting his emotion from real life when he said things will be different. But seriously, I would have to say that Fast Five still owns it. It’s still the best film in the series for me, so far.

I have not opened This is What Happy Looks Like the whole weekend as I was busy spending time with the Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations that were the culprits of my sleepless nights the past week. I know it’s disgusting to read terms like these here on the blog but I’m so bummed I don’t care anymore.

Yay, so happy I’m writing only this and nothing else!

To Ian’s voice. Hihi, he’s on the other line right now and I’m so kilig! <3

There are so many things in my mind right now but I can’t pinpoint any single thought. Well, aside from the blurred stuff, our conversation earlier remains at the back of my mind.

The smell of the sweet hazelnut lotion is all over the room! Yum!

That all of these misery will end! Haha, tangina eh.

I’m wearing a pink Snoopy night tee and a pair of floral shorts.

Ian – forever and always!

More time to sleep? Chill? Spend with my friends, boyfriend, family?

A break. Yes, again.


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