The Q2 blank page syndrome [of my planners] is now starting to creep out. My nails has gotten longer and the polish has moved. It’s been a tough week again, but the Daykeeper said “We’ll all float on alright” – and we will, in due time. It’s Sunday once again, and tomorrow’s a beginning of a new working week, but knowing that it’s a holiday on Friday makes me want the next four days to happen already! My friends from Singapore and US are coming home next week too, and on next Sunday, the world’s got the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight! I’m shouting Go Manny this early!

I’m logged on to a website called Smash, reading the article entitled Modern Day Hobo Molly Steele’s Photography Documents The Romance Of Life On The Road. I’m still also reading This is What Happy Looks Like, and I hope I’ll have the time to move further in the coming days.

Just this volume as of the moment

Fall in Love by Phantogram

I’m thinking about writing stuff on my Le Fignolage D’un Dessin notebook and publishing them here.

My current surroundings are odorless

I wish that I’ll be able to sleep early tonight!

Secret! I realized I’m wearing the same shirt I wore last week so I’m not gonna mention it today. Haha!

I love the new stuff I bought last night, and I love yesterday’s date! Missed my Iannymous!

I want Manny Pacquiao to win over Mayweather! And also, I want to be able to come to all the get-together dinners with my friends set in the next two weeks!


I feel so groggy haha

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*The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Siddathornton.

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

10 replies on “The Sunday Currently Vol. 23

    1. Haha, sayang the pages!! What planner are you using now? :) Yahh I know everyone wants Manny to win hehe but I hear some of my friends talking about the “business” side of the fight!

  1. Not a fan of Pacquiao for some reason, but I do hope he beats Mayweather’s ass! Go Manneh!!! :)
    How’s This is What Happy Looks Like? I’ve seen it around but never got the chance to read it. Hehe!

    1. My patriotic side unleashes whenever Manny goes up the ring! Haha! Go Manneh!! Love that! :p

      It’s too early to judge but from the pages I read, hmm it’s kinda okay. Nothing special. Yet. But who knows, some parts might actually get interesting so let’s see! I’ll give you my feedback! :)

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