I would love to say that I’m typing this post in my hotel room for the Labor Day weekend but I’m not – my Instagram posts for today were throwbacks from the Boracay trip I had a month ago. Listening to Tei Shi on a non-working Friday isn’t so bad though! I spent the whole holiday munching on cocoa-filled bread with frostings I bought from the bakery last night, and digging old photos, videos and articles related to Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. I have so much feels for the fight on Sunday, you know I’m a bit patriotic and Pacquiao has always been one to unleash that (I even went as far as taking my quarterly examinations without studying because of his fight with Erik Morales back in high school). Called a few bars to inquire about their live viewing at the last minute because Sky Cable won’t activate the pay per view during the first attempt. Thankfully, the agent was helpful when my sister tried the second time so yay, I’m just gonna think about the flavor of the pizza I’ll get on the day itself! Wishing nothing but the best for Manny, go Pacman!

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to write a new post since I woke up this morning (don’t wanna waste the free day) but I couldn’t gather my solid thoughts though I had subjects in mind – the “Fight of the Century” included, or something related to that. Decided in the end that I’ll just get a new word for today and that is: Cerberus!

1. Surprisingly, the first result isn’t one from Wikipedia. Apparently, there’s a Cerberus app for Android, an anti-theft/recovery application when you misplaced your device. Not a very interesting definition or topic so I’m moving on to the next!

2. This is where the Greek and Roman mythologies will be mentioned.  Well we all have encountered this term in high school, and for me, these are few of the most interesting lessons we’ve had in our English and Literature classes. Taking a trip down to memory lane, the cerberus is a three-headed dog with a serpent’s tail, a mane of snakes and a lion’s claws. He guards the entrance to the underworld to prevent the dead from escaping and the living from entering. I would love to revisit these mythology stories if I have more time!

3. There’s a movie called Cerberus which was shown in 2005. I got bored when reading the plot summary on IMDB so I’m skipping the storytelling part.

4. There’s a Lew & Huey watch model named Cerberus and it’s freaking expensive! 575USD for something I can’t live with for the rest of my life, hell no! Well it’s a men’s model but still!

5. The boyfriend’s gotta love this one – a frame on Volume Bikes is called Cerberus! Well I’m not sure if he checks out this bike shop for his needs and if the model below is something that he finds cool, but whatever, I think that he’s gonna love the fact that it’s something bike-related!

Couldn’t find anything more appealing about this word, I mean most of the search results were about servers, networks and deals and I was totally having a nosebleed while browsing. So that’s pretty much about it! Happy Labor Day, folks!

Photo credits: wind-princess.deviantart.comlewandhuey.comvolumebikes.com

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