I wanted to go out for a “photo walk” but the soothing music of this artist I’m currently obsessing on made the stay home Sunday right. I am talking about Adna, a 20-year old Swedish singer who is currently residing in Berlin. I once again got lucky — chanced upon another authentic artist —  and now I can’t get enough of her sound! I’m sensing an intense “fan spell” to be developing in the coming days!

How long have you been listening to Adna?

Since last night! Her sound is so fresh to my ears!

How did you find out about her?

As I said, I got lucky! I was listening to one of the usual playlists I always like to play on Spotify, then one of Adna’s songs popped out and the obsessions started. I might be listening to her for a while now, but it was just last night when I really had the chance to listen to her music (not to mention stalk her! Haha!)

What was the first song that you heard, if you remember?

It was The Prettiest! I stopped when she was saying something about if only she could scream she would, out loud. And that’s exactly how I was feeling at the time, because you know, I’ve been on a state of being melancholic lately. I’ve been also shutting down the idea of becoming attached to people, and listening to deep and dark songs is just the way to soothe and calm myself. So glad it is!

Did you have any close encounters with her?

None yet, but I got a feeling that I have a chance of getting close to her (not on a friendship level but I mean the kind I have with Elena, Igor and Remi) when I make the first move! Haha! I’m aiming to get in touch with Adna for On Spotlight, so let’s see how it goes. Crossing my fingers!

Why do you like her?

I like her because she’s authentic and profound. Of course I did some sort of research before doing this article and I liked her even more. I know I’m obsessing on the right artist, like how I feel towards Daughter. I can totally relate with what she thinks and how she feels about certain things, and I feel like I found a new friend in her music — it’s like a BFF kind of relationship, like she knows just what to say when I feel down, not in the mood or whatever. I like that.

Aside from her music, what else is it with her that catches your attention?

Her simplicity and wisdom. I haven’t heard her talk or anything, but she’s an amazingly brilliant person. I wish I had that in me when I was her age!

Can you relate to her in a way or two?

Of course! As I said, it’s like I found a new friend in her music!

If there are three words that you can associate with her, what would they be?

Simple, Real, Profound

Photo credits: jajajamusic.comkalinkakalinka.de

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