How timely it was that I came across Helga’s 30-Day Shopping Ban post a few days ago, I seriously need to calm and lower down my spending. Just this week, I burned way more than usual, and I hope it was fats instead of my allowance. Oh well, as they say, you can always make money but you can’t always make memories! I may be broke now, but at least I had fun!

I forgot how busy the week was, thanks to the series of lunch and dinner outs with my best friend and the cool kids! I also got to see San Andreas, which I loved, but it’s probably the most stress-inducing, heart-stopping movie I’ve seen this year! It’s better than 2012 in my opinion, and I say you see it if you haven’t yet!

So anyway, I met up with one of my best friends Mily during lunch after a client meeting on Wednesday. It was so hot and I craved for Milo Dinosaur so we went to Toast Box. But then being the fickle-minded that I am, I ended up getting the Iced Chin Chow because I felt like it didn’t fit the ham and cheese sandwich and because it’s the one Mily got. Haha!

Mom was celebrating her birthday the same day so I clocked out earlier than usual to make it in time for our dinner. My campaign’s TVC debuted that day too and I saw it before I headed out from work! *Speaking of: How do you find Alonzo and Nino Muhlach for McDonald’s? Lol

Papa called me a few days prior the birthday to connive — he originally wanted something to be delivered to our house (cake or flowers, my call according to him as long as his name’s on it!) but you know we live in the south and it’s always almost impossible to do something like that so I thought of just bringing the family out! Also bought face essentials for mom as a gift because, well, life begins at 40! Haha!

My Dingdong Dantes look-alike brother (don’t you agree?) and the birthday girl!

On Thursday, everyone’s favorite kiddo (and the alpha of the group) Talyn craved for pepper rice with cheese so we, the kids (that’s how we call ourselves in the office) had lunch at Pepper Lunch! Ugh, always love drowning my plate with their honey sauce!

The cool kids full with pepper rice!

It’s been a while since we were able to go home early together so my fellow kids Ysa and Patty decided to catch up outside over coffee. The clingy-ness didn’t end! Patty and I were in the middle of battling each other in this game called Word Crack (lost twice and I hate it!) when I felt the urge of sipping cocktails! Ysa was game too so Patty had no choice. At least I won here, LOL.


On Friday, our team went to have lunch and dessert once again but I didn’t had chance to take photos! Boo! Anyway, Earl and I were serious about the hike were planning to do next weekend so we went to the mall to check those hiking sandals! We decided to have dinner after (with Ian of course) and we finally got to try Heaven & Eggs!

Got real curious about these three last night!! From left to right: Country Fried Steak, Angus Beef Tapa and Chicken Teriyaki

Whew, that was really an expensive week but the moments are definitely priceless! I’m still really thinking about pushing through with the shopping ban but I still have to buy hiking sandals hahaha.

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