Oh my freakin’ goodness, I can’t believe it’s the weekend and I’m on my bed!

I almost forgot how my dashboard looks like and how it feels to actually do an entry (and to even browse the internet for personal leisure), seriously. I owe my recent updates to my “templated series posts” — The Sunday Currently, most especially — and I’m so glad that I learned to instill the habit to myself! But really, in my mind, the recent ones do not count as real.

I mentioned something about being in an autopilot mode lately, and man I swear it’s real! You know I’ve been very busy with work these past few months (probably the whole quarter two) and some weeks ago, I suddenly started to feel like things are not being real. I mean, they’re happening – I see them with my eyes, I’m moving, the people around me are too but I can’t get hold of the moments. It’s like I’m in a movie (though I don’t know what it feels like to be in movies) and no matter how I try to blink and wake myself up, I can’t. It alarms me a lot because I’m a sentimental person, and I’m the type who wants to save everything in my head (which also explains why this blog exists). It’s crazy how this thing is disabling me to distinguish a dream from reality.

I guess a day or two would be fine, I can attribute that to my sleepless nights but this long?! I even went to the point of thinking about the possibility of me really sleeping when the “moments” happened – probably until now, (as I construct this entry?) and all these fragmented memories are not real all along. Spotted: weirdo.

So I Googled the word and found out that there are real definitions. I felt a little relieved when the generated results lean towards my current condition, and now I’m thinking if this is something Lucy-ish!

Exactly what I’m experiencing! My body has just been going through the motions these past weeks but my mind is gone.

It’s.. well, you know the feeling.

I took photos of my recent whereabouts (ones that were significant) on purpose to remind myself that these moments happened for real, just in case this autopilot state is going to last longer.

The twinnies meet the mommas spontaneous dinner!

..and these were what we ate!

This year’s get-together with our barkada’s daddy-yo, early this month (Also, pardon my fatness – my mind wasn’t at the right place hence the wrong angle!)

Look at those sleepy eyes of mine while we posed for the camera to welcome my brotha home from the US! I was so groggy the whole time and I couldn’t even remember if I was able to contribute something to the table! Ugh hate it, thank God for photos!

A very dark and grainy photo of me and former office mates while having coffee during midnight (Guess who!)

Me and Ian (had to format it like this because I’m not fond of 3×4 sizes in photos, and because I felt pretty here haha) while having dinner last night

And some food shots from the big meals I had this month (HAHA, sorry just had to)

Didn’t realize I had a bit of alcohol intake recently until this May rundown! On the left photo is a glass of Apple & Eve from Draft, on the right is a photo of a candle light which I took while waiting for my porkchop and Ian’s Cajun chicken fingers from Dillinger’s 1903!

On the left is a combination of regular and spicy chicken rice meal from Bad Bird (I finally got to try something from Hole in the Wall!) while on the right is a plate of Kimchi rice with beef briskets from Wildflour Cafe + Bakery. Both meals were firsts and consumed with my office mates as our means of unwinding even just for a while!

Dessert time!! First time to try something from Baskin Robbins (forgot the flavors we got but Ian and I sure loved both) and from St. Marc Cafe (the one on the right photo is their version of choco banana split and it was really good!)

It’s past 4AM again which means I can’t quit this autopilot state this weekend.

Ugh, why.

I’m just glad I can go over this blog post again and again to refresh my memory and well, good night for now!

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  1. The whole time I was in Manila, I’ve never tried anything from Baskin Robbins even though I’ve already heard of the brand before. Bakit kaya??? I’m now drooling over the ice cream! T___T

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