I don’t know how to start this entry. I was supposed to write this yesterday night the moment I got home, but I was too tired so I thought of putting it of for today. And then #MayPac happened (couldn’t say Fight of the Century anymore lelz) but I don’t want to mix my thoughts about it with this very light weekend story. I also got a TSC post due today, and I might just utilize some of its space for my anger. Haha!

So anyway I spent yesterday with Ian because it’s the riot kid Jose Miguel’s baptism! I never made it to the church (well technically I did but only because it was our meeting place) but went straight back to MOA right after for the reception. In Kuya Sean’s words: “Happy ka na naman!” [because we were having buffet!] HAHA. Guess I’m sharing this because (aside from the fact that I’m aiming to bring back my “day” posts once in a while) the baby stuff were too cute for my life – the animal shapes on the cake and cupcakes were so adorable, not to mention the riot kid itself!

Of course I drowned in Japanese food, house blended iced teas and lemonades! That’s already given isn’t it?

More photos with our friends here:

The riot kid's momma!
The riot kid’s momma!

Welcome to the Christian world, Jose Miguel!

We were also supposed to meet up with my good friend JL who came home from the United States but it was too late already, you know I still got curfews at this age and my hard headed-ness can only go as far as 1AM! Lelz, so we’re having a separate session for that. Anyway, welcome home brotha and I can’t wait to meet Camille!

Meanwhile, just like my previous I+Y posts, I’ll end this one with another self-we collage hehe

Thanks again for yesterday! <3

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