I’m jumping immediately to today’s TSC and first off, I would like to warn you that I’m pouring my emotions out in this post. I might end up saying too much hate but whatever! Haha!

So the so-called Fight of the Century happened earlier today, which I honestly couldn’t call one (not when the official decision – which to me, didn’t sound official – was announced) not only because I find the result very questionable but also because Mayweather kept running and running, ruining the momentum of the punch rallies. Of course I’m so mad because my man didn’t win but holy frigging shit, why didn’t he in the first place? It was supposed to be him! I know I’m no boxing analyst but I’m not blind by any means (got 20/20 vision even though that statement isn’t relevant at all), and it doesn’t take rocket science to determine that those punches landed on the coward and deserve the points. Manny Pacquiao my man doesn’t do trash talking so I’m doing it for him LOL

I was so excited for this fight (well I’ve always been excited about any Pacquiao fight – not really into the sport’s other athetes but I like it as it is [I even tried it out at the gym some time last year] and because of Manny himself – this is me and my patriotic side), I’ve been mentioning it as early as last week and I knew in my heart that we had a really good thing going. My hunches were strong we even got to convince our mom to avail the pay-per-view even if there’s no boy in this house who’s as passionate as the others so we invited our neighbors to yell with us! Boo, yeah!

*Constructing this part of the entry makes me recall my NCAA feels but move on move on when there’s time lol

I’m not saying that my judgments are right because I’m just a mere observant but if by any chance you’re one of those keyboard warriors who say it’s about defense and Manny is losing it, getting rusty, first and foremost – tell me that if you can go up there and beat Mayweather by using all those “tactics” you’re mentioning. Also, please explain to me how those straight sextuple (not sure about this though, could be quadruple) punches on the fourth, sixth and tenth round only scored 110 on one’s judge? 112 on the other two?

Whatever result would be easy to accept if I feel that there’s no rigging that happened (this is what Manny has taught us – to show sportsmanship and humility no matter what) – when he lost to Marquez in 2012 there were no questions asked! But what can you expect, Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world, and I actually read tweets mentioning about the involvement of Mayweather Productions so suntukan nalang. Haha! Seriously though, I don’t know. No matter how many times you talk about Floyd’s defense, game and any other shit, I just can’t convince myself because I saw it and you saw it too. It can be because I’m such a die hard Pacquiao fan and my mind is being blocked by this fandom but I’d still say he won today. I’m also holding on to Manny’s own words (and even the Hollywood stars words [or tweets for that matter], Shane Mosley included) that he did won, because in his previous fights, when he knew that the opponents won, he would gratefully accept defeat and say that he’ll make it up in the next one. Well he did accept it humbly (and his consistency is really, really admirable, makes me love him even more) but he knows it should’ve been him.

It’s just a title anyway, and it doesn’t make him any less of a person. I actually feel even prouder that he is the man I’ve been rooting for ever since my awareness and consciousness about this sport came to life – he’s still the one and only People’s Champ, Destroyer, Mexican Killer, Mexicutioner (insert more MP monikers here) and more importantly, the 8-division boxing world title holder! So whatever. It’s just that when I’m thinking about all his efforts and sacrifices that went down the drain because of reasons I can’t comprehend, I can’t help but believe that boxing is dead.

Boxing has died today.

Now onto the real Vol. 24 of my TSC series!!

I’m currently reading my mind. I want to know if I’m still capable of producing positive thoughts after today’s uneventful event. Whutt

This angry 24th volume

Basket Case by Green Day. I’m currently playing the playlist entitled Anthems of Angst, because I’m so full of angst! Haha!

I’m still thinking about the recently concluded MayPac, but I don’t know what about it exactly haha

Yay, I’m smelling the dimsum mom is currently cooking!

Better days! Yeah, better days! [not related to MayPac, lelz]

I’m wearing a white striped tank and a denim pair of short shorts!

I love that even if Mayweather won it doesn’t feel like it! Bwahaha I’m a Pacquiao die hard, don’t currr

Above all, I want Manny Pacquiao to feel that we are one with him as he thinks that he won that fight! He really did!

I need a moment. Char!

I feel like I was robbed! Man the PPV costed PHP2,500! Haha

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10 replies on “The Sunday Currently Vol. 24

  1. I wish Manny won, too! But it’s not a super big deal to me because I’m just a spectator and I’m not invested naman. Buti na lang, I didn’t bet money hahahaha.

  2. This indeed is a sad day for us filipinos. We all know that Manny deserves to win!! The day of the fight I was asleep, and woke up really late. The moment I woke up, my dad came running to me yelling “TALO SI MANNY” Man! Was it a bad way to wake up. :( Anyway, my name is Gail. Hope we could be friends :D

    1. Aww, but were you able to watch the fight? Yeah I was really frustrated haha seriously couldn’t absorb the fact that he lost! I saw it all with my eyes and though I’m by no means an analyst, I don’t think anyone should be an expert to know that Manny really won. Others might find it funny, yknow, me being super affected but it’s just me (in this case, us) trying to put myself in his shoes.

      Hello, hello Gail! Thanks for dropping by, hope to see you here more often! :)

  3. I also feel what you feel. Such a sad news. But then I realize, it’s just a title. People will soon forget the title, but they will never forget the great person that you are. Manny will always be an inspiration. And to us, he is the true winner. I think that’s what matters most. :)


  4. Gosh, I feel you! It doesn’t feel like the fight of the century at all. All Mayweather cares about is winning because of money but to Pacman, he’s doing it to give people a good fight. Mayweather didn’t do anything except defense. I really am disappointed. I expected an intense fight. What happened wasn’t intense

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