I’m technically late for this week’s TSC but it’s still Sunday on my mind so here goes volume 25! It’s a working weekend for me once again (@*$#!!!) and I’m so sleepy! I can still say though that I was able to spent it fifty percent right: my sister and I  had a Sun-date earlier today at Town and we had a good time (she took home a pair of flats she just eyed this morning) and mom was happy about the present I gave her for Mother’s Day! We also had a nice dinner so today’s not that bad.

By the way, this week’s featured photo is courtesy of my sister, because I’m such a loser for not having time to take a photo of anything today (except for the one I posted on my Instagram, hehe)

Aside from the words that I’m typing for this entry, none.

Just this volume

I’m listening to nothing but to the sound of the keys while me and my sister are typing on our own laptops. And to the sound of the electric fan. I’ve become such a boring human being.

I’m thinking about how I will go about this particular slide. I cannot decide how will I show the radio stations with their share of audience. DAFUQ

The Yogi Blueberry Slim Lift Green Tea! *hmmm!

I wish the days will go by faster. I so wanna get out!!!

My white sleeping dress

I’m loving how I’m being so generous with everyone lately! Well my expenses have increased but I’m so proud that it’s because I’m giving (just saying ’cause you asked) and not just splurging!

Uh-huh, you know what is!

Black and yellow, black and yellow!

I feel miserable, unfortunate and doomed. You asked, eh?

The freaking Powerpoint and Excel programs

*The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Siddathornton.

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

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