Well hello there, guys! Thought I missed this week’s volume? Nah! Was just busy with work and decided to devote my weekend for it again (featured image is a photo of the street near my office, which I took yesterday) so I can manage my time in the coming days. My body’s having enough of all the sleepless nights and meal-less days I’ve been having the past couple of months and it needs to recover. I’m crossing my fingers that I’m down to the last days of all these busyness, and I can’t wait to get my life back on track!

I’m giving you another boring volume (which is hopefully the last) of the TSC series, and I do hope you’ll still bear with me! I’m planning to construct a round up post about my whereabouts the last four weeks, and my current autopilot state. I seriously need to tell you guys about it, the struggle is real! Also, I promise I will resume with my blog-hopping sessions!

This blog post featuring an easy dessert recipe! I’ve been seeing ads about this certain cake sandwich brand and I want to try to make a recipe myself but I can’t squeeze a little time as of the moment. I hope that by next week I already can, and that I can get back to my novel reading again!

Just this volume

Falling Short by Lapsley

I’m thinking nothing but my life tomorrow. I aim to finish my tasks tomorrow to avoid week-long body pains haha. I feel a little positive about this certain task for some reason. In fairness!


I wish everything will go according to plan this week! Otherwise, I swear I will transform to Incredible Hulk, my gosh I skipped another fun weekend for this huh!

I’m wearing a white shirt that says “Young and Free” and a pair of pink floral shorts

I love my Iannymous!

I want to get my life back on track so bad, seriously, no shit.

I need my life.

I feel like I want and need my life. Damn it, I said I need my life!

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