I mentioned that I went for a hike with my office mates last week and I’m very happy about it because I remembered saying that my Q2 travels would probably involve the land and the mountains for a change of scenery. It may be 2 months delayed, but it’s always better late than never. At least I got to turn on the travel switch once again!

We were supposed to crash a mountaineer group that’s on the way to Mt. Daraitan in Rizal but they cancelled a week before. We didn’t want to postpone the trip for later because the date has already been set and well, personally, it’s been a while since I last went out of the city and I really needed some fresh air to breathe. So we pushed through – slept over at my twinny’s Friday night because the call time was 4AM of Saturday and we didn’t have hiking shoes yet so yes, we rummaged through those pile of sandals that were on sale! Set our alarms at 3AM and contemplated whether we would be taking a bath (oops, TMI!) but in the end we still did.

We had breakfast at McDonald’s and also bought our lunch from there. We all had two-piece chicken if I may remember correctly, because aside from the fact that we know it would entail our full strengths on our way to the summit, PHP99 nalang ang two-piece chicken! LOL oh my gosh, did I just type that?!

From Shaw, we rode the shuttle to Morong. I would have loved to see the views while in transit but it was too early and I didn’t had enough sleep. I woke up we were in Tanay already and rode the tricycle from there. The ride took about an hour and a half, and it was challenging for the driver I could say. The road was too uphill and there were moments that we had to go down and walk because according to some of our friends, there are portions of the hill where the pull of gravity is stronger than usual. We arrived at the base camp between 7:30 to 8:00 AM, just in time to make it to the top by lunch, if we were not too slow.

I can say that the start of the hike was the hardest, because we’re not really hikers in the first place and we didn’t have the chance to make ourselves physically ready. I was catching my breath on the first few steps, and I was close to walking away but I remembered that I wanted to make it happen and prove to myself that I can do it again. We walked for more than an hour before we got to station 1, and though I know that we were still far from our destination, it was at least an indication that we’re close.

Tin posing with the iconic duyan backpack!

Ysa + Rayven

We made the most out of the fifteen-minute rest (if I’m not mistaken) by re-energizing ourselves for the next round of walking. I never opened my mouth during the whole course of our hike because I’m aware that I suck at any physical activity and there wasn’t any time that I went home without doing anything crazy so I tried to concentrate. Luckily, the anti-social strategy worked for me up to the top!

There were a total of four stations to the summit, but I don’t know what happened to me – I didn’t get to take much photos! I was struggling for my breath and all I wanted to do was to reach the top and get it all over with! Haha!

Finally, by a little past 11AM, our eyes were feasting above the province of Rizal. It was another achievement and I was very happy because I could finally binge on the PHP99 two-piece chicken from McDonald’s! Did I really need to say that again?!

Me and @evaforworldpeace!

Boyfriend-girlfriend moment at the summit LELZ

I actually wanted to have this “emote” shot

Daraitan Gang! *credits to Sir Gonzalo, our very efficient tour-guide!

We anticipated the summit of course, but our anticipation was leaning more towards the Tinipak river! I’m going to be a hypocrite when I don’t say that aside from the fact that I needed to get away, one of the ultimate reasons why I went was because I wanted to take photos (to be posted here and on my Instagram, of course). Hashtag ‘BoutDatLyf.

Little did we know that the way down would be more challenging than the way up! We walked for about two hours straight because there were no stations unlike the previous trail. Goodness gracious that was really an insult to my fats! Lol

We reached the river at around 2:30PM, and even though we were probably the slowest group and we were almost dying (I swear that was the driest state my throat has ever been), I believe it’s still worthy to recognize that we were way above target. The estimated time of arrival to the river was around 5PM, and we were a couple of hours ahead! We drowned ourselves in two bottles of softdrinks each, and those were the best Mountain Dews ever!

An attempt at a hipster shot but I just ended up realizing even more that I’ve gotten really fat and I’m hopeless lol

It took us another hour to get back to the base camp from the river. OMG, if the way down was more challenging than the way up, the way from the river was the most struggling (if challenging and struggling aren’t synonyms)! I swear to the heavens it made me wonder why I was inflicting more stress and hassle to myself! (Like doing this post at 3AM of Monday, tsk) Haha! We were expecting to be just walking smoothly by that time because we were already down the mountain but it was too rocky and we had to walk on the water! It was intense!

My poor but strong feet that endured the steep trails, rocks and water of the beautiful Rizal

We were lucky to have been able to reach the base camp at exactly 6 PM, just in time before it gets dark. We had to fall in line for the bath rooms to wash ourselves before we rode the jeep back to the city proper of Tanay where we rode a shuttle back to Ortigas. The road trip was surprisingly long, arrived at the city at 10 PM (and I got home by midnight) but we didn’t really feel it for we were all knocked out to sleep!

The whole trip was really exhausting I must say, but I’m happy to know that even if I got more body weight to lift, I could still do it! Now it’s about having to choose between staying like this (because I can still do it after all) or improve little by little! I have to send my cheers to our team for making it even if none of us are professionals! I’m looking forward to more “walkatrips” like this, although I wouldn’t want to hike any time soon if I have a choice. Haha!

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10 replies on “4/12: Mt. Daraitan & Tinipak River

    1. I found the hike difficult, to be honest. But all the sweat was worth it and the tour guides are very nice! The Tinipak River’s really beautiful!

  1. This looks like paradise. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone somewhere like this before. Here’s to more adventures with the people we love :)

    1. Yay Mik, hardcore ka eh! :p I found this trek difficult, to be honest! But the thought of being able to finally dip in the water gave me motivation to go on :)

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