I just gave out my biggest exhale since San Andreas. I successfully finished my catch up with the fifth season of the greatest series everrr (three Rs, really) a few minutes ago and realizing that I endured all the beheading once again gives me sigh of relief. Of course the finale will be a different mini battle to face, and though I agree with some of my Facebook friends that spoilers are unfriendly, I also agree that getting spoiled lies in the hands of the spoil-ee as well. So I put off everything during this long weekend and devoted the time being for the seven kingdoms.

What can I say, Cersei is probably the most beautiful prisoner who literally drank water from the ground. And I’m really really happy that Jorah’s back at Khaleesi’s army, big thanks to Tyrion. Fuck Stannis for being far more than an ambitious asshole, I can’t wait for him to get a taste of his own medicine! Although I prefer that to happen after he’s done mounting each of the Boltons’ heads on their respective spikes, and rescuing Sansa. Of course, my love for Jon Snow has definitely grown, from the moment he became Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, to resisting Melisandre, to getting the Wildlings as their allies. I’m sure the rest of the Starks will be very proud once they hear all about these, and I’m sure Nedd and Robb would be too.

Forgive me, it’s that time of the season again and I really needed to let all those out.

Welcome to the thirtieth volume of The Sunday Currently, in which the featured photo is a recycle from last year’s trip to Baler. I dug up some of my stock photos because I’m trying to address one of the many annoying #YshyProblems, and that has got to be my feed aesthetic. I hate myself too.

I never had the chance to open any single paperback this long weekend because, as you know, Winterfell needed me.

Nothing else other than this volume. I’m planning to start with a new entry right after this though, if that can make up for my slacking.

Woops, I forgot to turn on my playlist. I’m involuntarily listening to the voices of this comedian and two guests because it’s my mom’s and sister’s habit to watch his show every Sunday. It’s like their own TSC!

I’m thinking about pushing through with my next post tonight. It’s late but I know that I’ve been putting it off for a week now and the laziness cannot get into me.



A blue spaghetti-strapped top and a pair of black shorts

Well I love that I’m now updated with what’s happening inside Westeros! I also love that I feel that the end for the evil men is near! Bwahaha!

I want to lose weight.

I need money, and I need to lose weight.

For some reason I’m feeling sleepy at the moment. Kinda early huh!

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