This week’s featured photo is the facade of Saint Augustine Parish Church (or the Baliuag Church) in Bulacan. I was lucky enough to snap this image before the sun went down yesterday, because I didn’t like how it looked in my first attempt during lunch time. Anyway, I will share with you on a separate entry why the hell my feet was in the said province yesterday.

I’m going through my e-mails, taking a look at my online purchases (which were big if I look at them collectively) and sobbing. Lol

Aside from this volume, I’m already drafting the next entry in my head, therefore it’s another sleepless Sunday night!

Holy Soul by Salt Cathedral

I’m thinking about what time I’ll get stuff for my shoe boxes! I’ll probably construct a post about that, if I’ll be allowed to.

Monday! Oh nooo.

I wish that there will be no meetings on Wednesday! Haha

A black loose shirt and a pair of floral shorts – uy I have a lot of floral shorts, ha! Lol

My new layout! Did you notice it? :) It’s soooo pretty I’m broke again.

I want the next weekend to come already!

I need to control my expenses. Haha! I almost bought a Michael Kors watch (from a friend) last night, impulsively! Well, it’s not that my purchases are always planned but oh my gosh I really do need to learn how to say no!

I feel full. It was another 2-piece chicken kind of dinner!

LX Edit, Spotify and Gmail.

*The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Siddathornton.

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

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