Work got suspended today due to bad weather, and I wanted to take advantage so here I am, waving my hands. I haven’t mentioned that I had my birthday (I turned 25 seventeen days ago) and it’s only now that I’d be able to construct an entry related to my name day. Hi, GOT fans! Anyway, it’s my silver year and I thought I’d share with you what I’ve learned in life so far:

..but just to manage expectations, this definitely won’t be preachy!

You’ll never realize the importance of sleep until you’re part of the working force. My mom would always order us to take naps during the afternoon when we were still kids and it’s one of my most hated chores back then. I would pretend that I’ve already fallen asleep, even going as far as brushing my teeth as if I really just woke up.

Throwing unnecessary and unused stuff makes life easier. I’m one of the most sentimental person you can ran into, and I used to keep everything in my shelf — letters, movie tickets, flowers, school notes even, etc. Until I ran out of space and was forced to give up some of the stuff, and from then on, I realized that I don’t have to keep the physical item, I just need to remember them.

There’s more to music than pop. I used to watch music channels when I was in high school and made sure that I memorized the lyrics of every song that’s on top of the charts. When I got older, my ears got exposed to indie/folk/whatever music and I appreciated life more and looked at it in a different perspective.

Letting your upper teeth touch your lower lip produces a natural smile. Yes. Try it!

Lose weight first before going to the gym. Of course exercise helps you lose weight, but the reason why you won’t see the difference right away is because 1) it doesn’t happen overnight, and 2) the fats are being converted to muscles so I’d suggest you go on a diet first. Although I’m not in the position to suggest anything weight loss-related because obviously, I’m one who needs to lose weight.

Chocolates really are a girl’s best friend. I’m not much of a sweets person but lately I’m learning to love chocolate and it’s really goooood.

Not everything that the elderly says are true. Recalling whatever I heard from them over the years, I realized that not all are true. We kids can experiment and learn on our own.

You can’t totally forget. Yes you may at some point but I say that the memories just sleep. Once a thing related to the memory crosses your mind, you will remember everything again.

Everyone has a soft spot. There are some people who are known to be strict and serious but I tell you, they got their soft spots too. You just have to figure out what those are and you’ll be friends in no time!

Life has its own pace. It’s true that everything has its timing, and no one knows the right time but life itself. You just have to believe!

Dreams do come true. They really do.

The world is beautiful. It truly is!

You can always make time for everything. Some wonder how some people can juggle work, school, their hobbies and passions with only 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After college, I realized that it’s really possible, you just have to decide what’s important to you and if you’re willing to invest time for it.

DSLR is not photography. I’d like to believe that I’m starting to learn to how to take good photos and I don’t own a DSLR, not even planning to get one for myself soon. So yes, it’s truly about having an eye for it!

Food is fun. I never thought of food being fun but when I started working and had the cash to splurge, I tell you, a big chunk of my expenses goes to food!

High school does end. I always wondered how people came up with these sayings because I never felt the same about high school. It was just a phase in life that I had to go through because I couldn’t get away from it.

A car is a want, not a need. Well, that’s just for me. I know that public transportation here in our country is bad and really needs a lot of improvement but I realized that having a car is more expensive and would entail a lot of maintenance. Not saying that I don’t want to have one though!

You can always make money but you can’t always make memories. I’ve been living up to this mantra for a while now and though I know that I have to control my expenses and start saving, I still think that it’s okay to see it this way.

It’s not about the money, money. Indeed. What can money do for me when I’m alone?

Enough is enough. In all aspects. When you’re done, be done and move on.

An office job is not superior to a skill job. I realized recently that I don’t want to grow old doing an office job. It would actually be my pleasure to work as an apple picker, a cashier or a letter stamper in the future!

Being rich does not only mean lifestyle. Seriously, that definition of being rich is superficial. There is wealth in almost anything, you just have to know where to look.

Mainstream is not cool. It’s just not.

Age is just a number. I always thought that being in the twenties is old enough for you to be independent, to be capable of anything, to get married and so on. But now that I’ve reached this age myself, I say that there’s still so much more to know, learn and experience.

Love wins. Always.

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I like to color my nails and I adore Filipino time.

6 replies on “25 Things I’ve Learned in Life So Far

  1. Hello, Yshy! Belated happy birthday to ya! :D

    1. re SLEEP – I admit though that I get enough sleep now that I’m working compared to when I was still in college. :))
    2. re PURGING – I also started purging stuff this year, and it actually makes me feel lighter! Like wala na akong iisiping clutter!
    3. re TIME – I agree that you can always make time for everything if you really wanna achieve things. Sometimes though, it takes us more effort to achieve something compared to other people because we don’t have the resources other people already have.
    4. re HIGH SCHOOL – I liked my high school life, but I loved my college life! College had so much more to offer. :))
    5. re LOVE – Love does win — always! <3

    Have a great year ahead, Yshy! :D

    PS. I'm commenting behind a proxy because I can't seem to access your site using my mobile connection. :(

  2. Love this post! I totally agree with number 1. Now that I work, I spend most of my free time sleeping since I mostly work on graveyard shifts. :/

    1. Thanks Alissa! I always wondered how it feels to work on graveyard shift. I think it’s cool, and and there’s lesser stress in terms of commute but I’m afraid I won’t get to join my friends when hanging out because of the different schedule. Hehe

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