Location: Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union
Special thanks: Andre + Jez, Noj, Eva, the Kids’ Table (Andrea, Ysa and Patty), Ian, Joseph + Regine and Paolo

I would’ve called this post the same as my first visit, but I decided to skip the details since it’s all the same — hit the road by 4:30 in the morning, arrived at the resort by 9, surfed before lunch, checked in, rested, went out, dinner, rested, supposedly caught the sunrise, breakfast, lunch, coffee and smores, drove back to Manila. Not that the trip was boring — I needed it, enjoyed it and would definitely come back again soon. It’s just that I focused on the beach itself and the photography, which is why this post is entitled as such.

I was looking forward to doing one hell of a photo walk with Ian and my friends at the other side of the beach on Sunday morning, only to find out that the multitude of rocks that used to make up the beauty that is Urbiztondo beach was apparently swept away by the typhoons that hit the province a few months ago. The beach looks different now compared to before which is disheartening, but looking at the brighter side, I was lucky enough that I was able to capture them earlier this year.

On another note, I was able to get myself a cup of taho, which is real happiness. I took the same shot I did before, and I mean it when I say that nothing compares to the classic (in all aspects).

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8 replies on “6/12: Urbiztondo Beach

  1. Agghh! Ang ganda! I super love your photos, Yshy. :) I regret clicking on that taho pic though, it looks sooo good and overflowing with syrup just the way I like it. :(((

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