I’m not a domesticated kind of girl, which is why my mom would always ask me thrice [whenever we talk about my indefinite plans of going abroad] if I can really live alone. Of course I couldn’t gauge it at this moment yet, so I’ll just say let’s cross the bridge when we get there.

However, I can’t just shut the possible concerns down and dig it all once the time comes. There’s the laundry (first and foremost), cooking, washing the dishes, doing the grocery and a lot, lot more. Just thinking about all of it is giving me stress already so I’m no longer pushing through. LOLJK. Of course I will, just need to have everything covered!

How very timely it is that at this point in my life, I discovered a web app that could actually address one of my concerns in terms of domestication. You’re of course familiar with Zalora, Lazada, Etsy, Amazon and more, and these online services have attended to us one way or another. But did you know that not only clothes, gadgets, accessories and books can be bought online and be delivered to your house?

I now introduce to you I-push mo, an online service that lets you do your groceries via the web app and transport them to your doorstep! When I first heard about the concept, I thought that it was great and has the potential to set the bar higher when it comes to shopping.

They have sections similar to that of physical groceries: Frozen Food, Rice, Alcohol and Cigarettes, Cleaners, Instant Food, Condiments, Baby Corner, Paper Goods, Beverages, Dairy and a lot more. It works just the same as other online shops — select your orders, proceed to check-out, pay thru credit card (or cash-on-delivery), and voila! The groceries will be in front of you within 24 hours!


This web app is such a blessing most especially to those who live independently (and lazily, lol). Avoid the hassle of falling in long lines and just let the internet do it for you!

*This post is brought to you by www.ipushmo.com. All words are purely mine.

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